10 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders In 2024

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In my previous articles, I wrote about the most comfortable motorcycles for old-age riders, lightweight motorcycles for women, and best beginner motorcycles.

Today’s guide is dedicated to riders with smaller heights who face difficulties in riding regular bikes.

It isn’t easy to find good motorcycles for short riders except for mini bikes like Honda Grom, Honda Navi, Honda Ruckus, etc., which are unsafe to ride on interstate highways.

But, to make your dream come true, I’ve prepared a list of low-seat height cruiser motorcycles for short riders (especially short women).

Top 10 Motorcycles For Short Riders

If you’re not tall enough to ride a regular bike, here is the list of top 10 motorcycles with lower seat height-

  • Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
  • Harley Davidson Iron 883
  • Honda Shadow Phantom
  • Harley Davidson Forty-Eight
  • Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
  • Yamaha V Star 250
  • Honda Rebel 500
  • BMW R 18
  • Triumph Bonneville Bobber
  • Suzuki Boulevard C50

1. Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty in Black Color
Image Credit: ZigWheels

If your height is smaller, but you want to experience the thrill and joy of bike rides, my first recommendation will be Indian Scout Bobber Sixty.

The 2023 Indian Scout Bobber perfectly blends style, comfort, and performance. Its powerful engine, easy handling, minimalistic design, and lower seat height make it the top contender in the segment.

The 999cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine produces a massive 78 horsepower and 88 N-m torque with a top speed of 128 mph. You’ll feel confident while riding this bobber on interstate highways.

The 5-speed manual transmission works smoothly with multi-plate wet clutch assembly. Overall, the Indian Scout Bobber is the best motorcycle for short riders in 2023.

Seat Height649 mm
Engine999cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power78 horsepower
Top Speed128 mph

2. Harley-Davidson Iron 883

Harley Davidson Iron 883
Image Credit: Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is the most popular and trustworthy motorcycle brand in the United States.

So, the second motorcycle on my list is the Harley Davidson Iron 883, which has a seat height of 652 millimeters.

If your height is less than 5 feet (4′ 10″ or 4′ 11″), then Harley Davidson Iron 883 is the perfect choice.

This motorcycle combines the traditional Harley look and cutting-edge technology. Its 883cc air-cooled V-twin engine produces 51 horsepower.

Thanks to the five-speed gearbox and chain drive, it smoothly and efficiently transfers all the power to its rear wheel.

Apart from a powerful engine, this motorcycle looks stylish on the road. So, you should consider this if your budget is around $11,249.

Seat Height652 mm
Engine883cc, V-twin, air-cooled
Maximum Power51 horsepower
Top Speed105 mph

3. Honda Shadow Phantom

Honda Shadow Phantom
Image Credit: Honda Powersports

Japanese manufacturers are leaders in the two-wheeler industry, and Honda is one of the most reliable motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

The Honda Shadow Phantom is a popular cruiser motorcycle for long-distance commuting. The Phantom is known for its performance, easy handling, and reliability.

Moreover, its 2024 model has many improvements, such as dual-channel ABS for effective braking and a programmed fuel injection system for higher fuel efficiency.

This motorcycle has a 745cc liquid-cooled V-twin four-stroke engine with 5-speed wide-ratio transmission.

Phantom’s V-twin engine produces 44.6 horsepower, and its shaft drive smoothly transfers all the power to its rear wheel.

Honda Shadow Phantom seat height is 655mm, and the wet motorcycle weight is 251kg, which is suitable for short female riders.

Seat Height655 mm
Engine745cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power44.6 horsepower
Top Speed100 mph

4. Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Harley Davidson Forty Eight
Image Credit: Harley Davidson

Again, it’s a Harley on the fourth position of my list. I’m considering this motorcycle for its higher performance, sharp handling, and smooth ride.

Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is an iconic cruiser motorcycle launched in 2010. Until 2022, this motorcycle has ranked at the top among the 1200cc cruiser segment.

Its 665mm seat height allows short riders to touch both legs on the ground properly. The upright sitting position gives you a feeling of a king roaming around the constituency.

This beast is propelled by a 1202cc V-twin four-stroke air-cooled engine, which generates 80 horsepower and 96 N-m of peak torque at 3750 rpm.

If your height is about 5′ 2″ to 5′ 7″, you can consider this cruiser to bring home. The rear shock is adjustable so that you can lower it further.

Seat Height665 mm
Engine1202cc, V-twin, air-cooled
Maximum Power80 horsepower
Top Speed110 mph

5. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
Image Credit: hbcycle.com

The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic is a comfortable and stylish cruiser designed for riders who appreciate a classic aesthetic with modern features.

Its manageable seat height caters to shorter riders while offering a smooth and versatile riding experience.

The 903cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine produces 50 horsepower and 79 N-m peak torque at 3500 RPM.

Its classic cruiser design, combined with a powerful engine, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a balance of style and performance in their motorcycle.

Seat Height680 mm
Engine903cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power50 horsepower
Top Speed115 mph

6. Yamaha V Star 250

Yamaha V Star 250
Image Credit: CycleWorld

The Yamaha V Star 250 is a lightweight bike with a classic cruiser style and a low-slung seat, making it accessible for shorter riders.

It is a compact cruiser that packs a punch with a 249cc V-twin engine. While it may not deliver high-speed thrills, it excels in city commuting and entry-level riding.

The V Star 250 has user-friendly features like an electric start and a five-speed transmission, making it an ideal choice for beginners looking for a manageable, stylish, and reliable ride.

Seat Height685 mm
Engine249cc, V-twin, air-cooled
Maximum Power21 horsepower
Top Speed85 mph

7. Honda Rebel 500

Honda Rebel 500
Image Credit: Honda

If your budget allows for the Honda Rebel 500 ($6,449 MSRP), it would probably be the best choice for riders up to 5′ 4″ to 5′ 6″ tall.

If you’re over 5′ 8″ tall, the regular seat height may be uncomfortable for long-distance rides. However, it has an adjustable seat height of 690mm, which can be raised to 50mm.

Its 471cc parallel-twin engine delivers a substantial 45.9 horsepower and 43.3 N-m peak torque at 6000 RPM, providing an engaging and responsive ride.

Seat Height690 mm
Engine471cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power45.9 horsepower
Top Speed100 mph

8. BMW R 18

BMW R 18
Image Credit: BMW Motorrad

The BMW R 18 is a magnificent, heavyweight cruiser that fuses classic styling with modern engineering.

At the heart of this magnificent machine lies the large 1,802cc boxer-twin engine, delivering a whopping 91 horsepower and ample torque.

It’s a bike that immediately gains attention with its bold, muscular design and top-notch performance.

The R 18 offers a luxurious, comfortable ride, whether embarking on a long highway journey or navigating off-road.

Seat Height690 mm
Engine1802cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power91 horsepower
Top Speed112 mph

9. Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
Image Credit: Triumph

If you’re looking for a low-height motorcycle that offers a retro classic design with a comfortable riding experience for short riders, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber should be your first choice.

It’s one of the most comfortable and ergonomic motorcycles I rode in 2023. I’m 5′ 9″ tall, and Bonneville Bobber’s 701mm seat height is quite comfortable for me.

This bobber has a 1200cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces a massive 77 horsepower with 106 N-m peak torque at 4000 RPM.

Apart from a powerful engine, this motorcycle has all advanced features like switchable dual channel ABS, traction control, and multiple riding modes.

You’ll be highly confident while riding this motorcycle on interstate highways. If you have a budget, I recommend you buy Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

Seat Height701 mm
Engine1200cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power77 horsepower
Top Speed120 mph

10. Suzuki Boulevard C50

Suzuki Boulevard C50
Image Credit: Global Suzuki

Suzuki is known for its iconic Hayabusa, but Boulevard CT50 is another popular choice among short riders.

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a classic cruiser with an attractive style and reliable performance.

Its 805cc V-twin engine provides a satisfying balance of power and torque for comfortable yet fascinating rides.

With a comfortable riding position and a seat height of 701mm, it accommodates a wide range of riders, including those on the shorter side.

Seat Height701 mm
Engine805cc, V-twin, liquid-cooled
Maximum Power45.1 horsepower
Top Speed99 mph


Nobody can keep you from experiencing the thrill of motorcycle rides because of your height. These are the best motorcycles for short riders with high performance and lower seat height. So, check your budget and pick one of them.

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