6 Reasons Why Your Honda Grom Not Starting – (Easy Fixes!)

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Is your Honda Grom not starting? It could be because your kill switch (Red Switch) isn’t in the running position, or you might be starting in gear when the side stand is down.

The kill switch cut off the fuel pump and ignition coil power supply to stop the engine in an emergency, whereas the side stands sensor cut off the connection between the starter relay and the ignition key switch.

In this guide, I’ll tell you the six common reasons why a Honda Grom won’t start and how you can fix them.

Why Is Your Honda Grom Not Starting?

Honda Grom is the world’s most popular mini-bike, offering a powerful engine in a compact form factor.

It’s a great choice for short rides and beginners to sharpen their riding skills. However, many Grom owners reported engine starting problems.

Here are six common reasons that cause engine cranking problems on Honda Grom-

1. Kill Switch

Honda Grom Kill Switch

A Kill Switch on a motorcycle is a safety feature that quickly shuts off the engine in emergencies.

It’s a big red switch located on the right handlebar of the Honda Grom. It lets the riders turn off motorcycles without taking their hands off the handlebar.

If the Kill Switch is in the off position, it will prevent the power supply to the fuel pump, and your motorcycle will not start.

So, before pressing the start button, ensure that your Grom’s Kill Switch is in the running position. Otherwise, you’ll unnecessarily drain the battery, and your bike will not start.

2. Side Stand Down

Honda Grom Side Stand

The side stand sensor on a motorcycle serves as a safety mechanism. It detects whether the side stand is up or down.

The sensor will prevent the engine from starting when the side stand is down and the motorcycle is in gear.

Your Honda Grom will not start in gear when the side stand is down. So, first, put your bike into neutral, fold the side stand sensor, pull the clutch lever, and press the start button.

3. Bad Grounding

Motorcycle Grounding Wire

All motorcycle manufacturers connect the battery’s negative terminal to the metal body. It acts as grounding for the spark plug and all connected accessories.

However, sometimes the ground connection breaks, loosens, or screws get corroded, breaking the negative terminal connection to the spark plug and ignition coil.

You must inspect the ground connections underneath the motorcycle seat and fix them if they are corroded or broken.

After cleaning and tightening the ground connection, your motorcycle engine will start if the battery is sufficiently charged.

4. Dead Battery

If your Honda Grom battery is faulty, it won’t supply sufficient power to the starter, which could be a major reason your motorcycle isn’t starting.

The purpose of a battery in a motorcycle is to provide initial power for cranking the engine. It supplies current to the spark plug, starter, ECU, and other electrical accessories.

Once the engine is started, the motorcycle alternator will generate the power and supply to the spark plug, ignition coil, and other electrical systems. It also recharges the battery.

A motorcycle battery typically lasts 2 to 3 years, but it may go bad sooner if you store your motorcycle for over six months.

So, if you haven’t replaced your Grom battery in the last 2 years, please install a new one for hassle-free and smooth rides.

5. Blown Fuse

A motorcycle has a fuse box that provides safety to electrical circuits. When excess amperage is passed, the fuse melts and prevents major damage to electrical circuits.

Please check the fuse box if no lights are visible on the motorcycle’s dashboard. Replace the melted fuse and start the motorcycle.

6. Faulty Starter Relay

The starter relay on a motorcycle is a critical component that supplies the correct amperage from the battery to the starter solenoid to fire up the starter motor.

If your starter relay is faulty, your Grom will face a starting problem. In that case, you must take your motorcycle to the nearest mechanic garage.

Here are the common symptoms of a faulty starter relay on a motorcycle

  • The motorcycle will not start.
  • The starter stays on after the engine starts.
  • The starter clicks rapidly, but the engine won’t start.
  • The motorcycle will face intermittent starting problems.

If your Honda Grom shows any of the above symptoms, visit the nearest mechanic garage. Grom’s starter relay replacement will cost around $15 to $30 (plus labor charge).


These are some common reasons why a Honda Grom faces starting problems. Moreover, your motorcycle won’t start due to mechanical reasons like a faulty spark plug, defective ignition cable, clogged air filter, seized engine, etc.

I have written a detailed guide on motorcycle starting problems; please read that guide here. If you tried these fixes and your Grom is still not starting, please contact me with detailed symptoms.

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