Honda Grom Won’t Go Into Neutral?- Here’s The Fix!

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A common problem that many Honda Grom owners reported is “hard to find neutral,” it mostly occurs due to clutch dragging. If you also face this problem, this article has solutions.

In this guide, I’ll explain why a motorcycle won’t go into neutral and how to fix it without much effort.

Why Honda Grom Won’t Go Into Neutral?

If you have bought a pre-owned Grom, a poorly adjusted clutch cable is the common culprit that delivers poor shifting. The issue will probably be resolved if you adjust the clutch wire tension.

However, the clutch cable isn’t the only culprit. Here are several more reasons why a motorcycle faces hard shifting problems

  • Bad shifter position
  • Wrong engine oil grade
  • Incorrect oil level
  • Excess free play in the clutch lever
  • Clutch drag
  • Burnt clutch plates

How To Fix Hard Gear Shifting On Honda Grom

Now, you know why putting Honda Grom into neutral is hard. Let’s find out how to fix the problem-

1. Adjust the Clutch Cable Tension

Honda Grom Clutch Tension Adjustment

Honda Grom engine is designed to run at particular clutch wire tension. If the clutch cable is too loose or tight, it’ll affect the drivetrain functionality, and the rider will face difficulty putting it into neutral.

If your motorcycle is pre-owned, then there is a high probability that the clutch cable is too loose.

You must adjust your Grom’s clutch cable tension every two months. Read the owner manual for more details.

2. Adjust the Shifter Position

Honda Grom Shifter

I saw hundreds of Grom’s owners facing difficulties in finding neutral gear due to bad shifter position.

This sometimes happens when the lock nut gets loose due to engine vibration, and the shifter moves forward.

When you lift the shifter, it will directly jump into 2nd gear instead of neutral. So, inspect your gear lever and adjust it if it’s not in the correct position.

A member of the Honda Grom forum fixed the problem of putting his motorcycle into neutral.

Honda Grom Forum Discussion
Image: Honda Grom Forum

3. Change Engine Oil

Filling Engine Oil in Motorcycle

Changing your Grom’s engine oil every 1500 to 2000 miles is recommended for smoother engine running.

Oil lubricates all the engine parts and prevents the engine from overheating. Honda Grom needs 10W30 viscosity-grade 900ml semisynthetic oil.

If you haven’t changed your motorcycle’s engine oil, please check the level with the dipstick and change it.

Excess or lesser oil will also cause hard gear shifting and difficulty finding neutral. So, ensure you don’t overfill it.

Honda Grom Oil Change Details:

  • Grade: 10W30
  • Type: Semisynthetic
  • Quantity: 900ml or 1100ml (empty engine)
  • Interval: 1,500 to 2,000 miles

4. Adjust the Clutch Lever Freeplay

Honda Grom Clutch Lever

Every motorcycle manufacturer provides slack in the clutch lever to prevent unnecessary wear of friction plates.

The lever should have 10 to 15mm freeplay for proper functioning and longer life. However, the clutch wire deforms and expands in size due to continuous tension.

So, the free play increases the desired value, and the clutch plates don’t disengage fully when you pull the lever, resulting in clutch dragging, and you’ll face hard gear shifting.

If you haven’t adjusted freeplay and your motorcycle isn’t going into neutral or making a clicky sound while putting into first gear, please adjust the Freeplay.

5. Replace Clutch Plates

Honda Grom Clutch Plates
Credit: Google Image

If you feel gear shifting is hard and jerky, it’s a sign that friction plates are burnt or have excessive wear.

If your Honda Grom is pre-owned and you haven’t changed its clutch plates yet, it’s the right time to do this.

I recommend you get your clutch plates changed by a professional mechanic. You can take your Grom to the nearest mechanic garage, and he’ll install the OEM clutch and friction plates.


So, these are some common reasons any motorcycle faces difficulty shifting to neutral. Generally, it resolves when you adjust the clutch cable tension and maintain an accurate engine oil level.

However, if the problem continues, contact me with more detailed symptoms, and I’ll try to provide you with the best solution.

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