How To Make Your Motorcycle Faster? – (10 Proven Methods)

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Is your motorcycle performance dropped for any reason, or do you want to overclock its horsepower? Your motorcycle’s engine can generate much more, but manufacturers underclock the performance because they’re bound to follow emission norms.

However, plenty of legal modifications can increase your motorcycle’s horsepower. In this guide, I’ll explain basic to advanced methods to increase the engine’s performance and make your motorcycle faster.

High speed motorcycle on racing track

How To Make Your Motorcycle Go Faster

In this guide, we’ll learn the various methods to make a motorcycle go faster. If your motorcycle is feeling sluggish, has poor acceleration, or is losing power when accelerating, you should read my other guide.

Let’s find some easy yet effective tweaks to increase your motorcycle’s horsepower and unlock its top speed.

1. Replace Air Filter

High performance motorcycle air filter

The food we eat is responsible for our energy level and gut health. A good diet keeps your energy level high. Similarly, you’ll get respective horsepower whatever you supply to your motorcycle engine.

Your engine requires the right fuel and air mixture proportions to produce power. However, due to dusty roads, the air filter pores get clogged over time and reduce the engine performance.

So, replacing your air filter is the first method to increase your motorcycle horsepower. Although the mechanic cleans or replaces your air filter on regular service, you can install the high-performance air filter yourself to boost the horsepower.

I have used the K&N air filter on my Honda CBR600RR, and I can clearly notice the difference. You can buy it from any automotive store or Amazon and replace it yourself.

2. Increase Tire Pressure

Mechanic checking motorcycle tire pressure

It’s a basic yet effective method to make your motorcycle go faster. Low tire pressure increases the surface of contact on the road, which applies frictional force and slows down the vehicle’s speed.

If you haven’t checked your motorcycle tire pressure, please check it. The recommended tire pressure for motorcycles is 36 PSI (in front) and 42 PSI (in rear) without any external load.

So, go to any air-filling station or buy a portable tire inflator from Amazon to increase your tire pressure to the recommended levels.

3. Install Aftermarket Exhaust

Aftermarket Exhaust for Motorcycle

Your stock exhaust has a catalytic converter that converts harmful pollutants (CO, NOx, HC) into harmless gases and keeps the emission level low. (Click here to read my detailed guide on this topic.)

However, the catalytic converter applies backward pressure on the exhaust valve, acting as a bottleneck in the engine’s power output.

That’s why many riders replace their exhaust with an aftermarket exhaust. It’s an effective method to slightly increase your motorcycle’s horsepower and top speed.

You can find a wide range of aftermarket exhaust for your motorcycle on RevZilla. Open the link and filter the products by your motorcycle make and model.

4. Adjust Suspension

Adjusting your suspension height has a marginal impact on your motorcycle’s top speed. If you want to make your motorcycle go faster, you should reduce the suspension height to its optimal level.

A question may strike your mind: Does suspension height also matter in a motorcycle’s top speed? Yes, your suspension height also affects the motorcycle’s top speed.

It has two main reasons- some power is consumed by suspension springs in vertical movement,, and ground clearance is responsible for air drag. That’s why formula racing cars have lower ground clearance.

5. Reduce Weight

The lighter motorcycle will go faster if two motorcycles generate the same power output but have different weights. It’s because some power will be consumed in carrying that extra weight.

That’s why sportbikes have higher top speeds than cruiser motorcycles, even with the same engine size.

So, if you want to make your motorcycle faster, try to reduce its weight. You can remove the extra weight by replacing stock parts with aftermarket lightweight parts like exhaust, wheels, fork, etc.

Apart from this, remove any extra luggage you carry on your motorcycle. You can also remove wrenches from the toolbox. Even 100 grams will make the difference in high-speed racing.

6. Install A Fuel Management System

If your motorcycle is fuel-injected, you can tune its performance by installing a fuel management device like Dynojet Power Commander.

The stock ECU is programmed for better fuel economy and less emission. It generally underclocks the engine performance to meet government emission norms.

A fuel management system tunes the fuel and ignition curves to maximize the power output. It connects with your existing ECU hassle-free and helps to maximize horsepower.

However, you might notice dropped fuel economy on your motorcycle because these devices focus on maximum power output.

7. Change Gear Ratio

Motorcycle Chain Sprocket

If you want to increase the top speed of your motorcycle, changing the gear ratio is the best way to do this.

If you want high power and torque, increase the number of teeth on the rear sprocket. But if your goal is to increase its top speed, you should do the opposite: increase the number of teeth on the front sprocket.

Here are the most common modifications to adjust torque and top speed:

  • To increase the torque: – 1 (reduce one tooth) on the front sprocket and +2 (increase two teeth) on the rear sprocket.
  • To increase the top speed: +2 (increase two teeth) on the front sprocket and -1 (reduce one tooth) on the rear sprocket.

8. Upgrade Your Tire

Another popular method to increase the motorcycle’s top speed is upgrading your tire. There are many tires designed for high-speed racing. These tires are made from softer rubber but longer treads, which are lightweight.

So, you can upgrade your motorcycle tire to make it go faster. I will publish a list of the best motorcycle tires for racing very soon. So, bookmark Motorcycle Ninja on your browser to get the notification.

9. Install Iridium Spark Plug

A high-quality spark plug makes the difference in horsepower. If you haven’t replaced your motorcycle’s spark plug in the last six months, please install an iridium spark plug for better performance.

A good quality spark plug helps in the complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, which results in peak power output.

You can install an NGK IX Iridium spark plug designed for performance enthusiasts. It makes a marginal difference in power output.

10. Change Your Riding Style

Your riding style also affects the top speed. You’re unnecessarily inviting air drags if you ride a sportbike like a cruiser motorcycle. The air drag reduces the top speed of a motorcycle.

If you want to make your motorcycle go faster in a race, lean on your motorcycle gas tank to give an aerodynamic shape to your body. This will reduce the air drag, and your motorcycle will go faster.

How To Increase Motorcycle Horsepower?

There are several methods to increase your motorcycle’s horsepower. Some of them are easy to do, and some require professional help.

Here are a few methods to increase your motorcycle horsepower

  • Install a fuel management system with your ECU.
  • Go for ECU remapping and programming to tune the fuel and ignition curves. (It voids your motorcycle warranty)
  • Install an aftermarket exhaust.
  • Install a high-performance air filter.
  • Install an iridium spark plug.

How To Make Carbureted Motorcycles Faster?

The above methods (except fuel management system and ECU remapping) work for all motorcycles. However, you should clean your carburetor regularly and tune the fuel supply for maximum power output.

How To Increase Motorcycle Top Speed?

Changing the gear ratio is the easiest method to increase a motorcycle’s top speed. You can replace your stock sprockets with aftermarket sprockets designed for higher speed. You should reduce the rear sprocket’s size or increase the front sprocket’s size to increase the motorcycle’s top speed.


These simple and easy hacks will increase your motorcycle’s performance, and you’ll notice a drastic increase in horsepower. However, aftermarket exhaust is louder and doesn’t meet the emission norms. So, pick good-quality products from a trusted place.

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