Why Honda Grom Is So Popular (Or Overrated)? -[6 Reasons)

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I’m sure you’re well aware of the Honda Grom’s popularity. It is an insanely popular motorcycle beyond the USA. It’s the first choice for beginner female riders.

But why is the Honda Grom so popular, and what makes this bike so unique?

In this article, I’ll give you six reasons that justify the popularity of the Honda Grom. Don’t skip this guide if you plan to buy a new motorcycle.

Why Are Honda Groms So Popular?

Honda Grom has taken the motorcycle world by storm, garnering a massive following and symbolizing fun and excitement on two wheels.

Here are six key reasons why Honda Groms have captured the hearts of riders worldwide:

1. Lightweight

Honda Grom Standing on Road

Honda Grom is highly popular among beginner motorcycle riders. The most obvious reason is its lightweight design.

Honda Grom weighs around 228 pounds, which is incredibly agile and easy to handle. Its lightness makes it a breeze to maneuver confidently through city streets and tight corners.

That’s why beginner riders prefer Honda Grom over any heavyweight sports bike to learn new riding skills.

If you’ve recently got your motorcycle license and looking for a compact and lightweight motorcycle to learn and improve your riding skills, 124cc Honda Grom is a perfect choice.

2. Easy To Manoeuvre

Honda Grom Ride

When it comes to riding a motorcycle confidently in city traffic, its overall size and seat height play a vital role.

The Honda Grom offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its compact size and low seat height.

Whether you’re weaving through traffic or tackling challenging terrain, the Grom’s nimble handling allows for effortless control, making it a joy to ride for riders of all skill levels.

That’s another solid reason that increases the popularity of Honda Grom among city riders for daily commutes.

3. Fuel Efficient

Yellow Honda Grom Standing on Road

The price of gasoline has increased a lot in the last few years, and Grom’s 124cc fine-tuned engine gets over 103 MPG (source).

So, it saves a lot of money that people spend on fuel. That’s why many people prefer a Honda Grom over a large engine-sized motorcycle.

Also, the design and aesthetics are eye-catching, so people looking for a scooter go for Honda Grom instead.

4. Powerful Engine

Honda Grom Off-roading

Honda has used a very tuned engine in their minibikes. Honda Grom has a 124cc air-cooled engine that produces 9.7 horsepower at 7000 RPM.

It has a 5-speed manual transmission that enhances its top speed. Honda claims 59 mph, but some riders reached 73 mph with aftermarket modifications.

So, hitting over 60 mph on a compact, highly fuel-efficient motorcycle attracts many new riders.

5. Budget Friendly

Affordability is another crucial factor contributing to the Honda Grom’s popularity. With its reasonable price point, the Grom offers an accessible entry point into the world of motorcycles.

Honda Grom’s base model costs approximately $3399, while other entry-level sportbikes go over $5000. (Click here to check the list of top motorcycles under $5000)

Its low ownership cost and fuel efficiency make it an attractive option for riders looking for a budget-friendly yet exciting ride.

6. Easy Modifications

The Grom offers a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories that allow riders to customize and personalize their bikes to their heart’s content.

From performance upgrades to aesthetic enhancements, the Grom’s modular design and popularity within the customization community make it a versatile canvas for riders to express their individuality.

Whether adding a new exhaust system, upgrading the suspension, or installing a sleek set of handlebars, the Grom’s easy modification potential allows riders to tailor their bikes to suit their preferences and create a unique riding experience.


Grom’s lightweight, compact design, low seat height, and powerful yet fuel-efficient engine increase its popularity among new riders, female riders, and people looking for a motorcycle for daily commutes.

If you’re looking for a compact motorcycle with excellent fuel economy, the 2023 Honda Grom is perfect. It weighs only 228 pounds, and the seat height is only 762 mm.

These are some reasons why Honda Grom is so popular in the USA, UK, and Australia. You can also purchase this compact beast to enhance your riding skills.

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