How To Improve Motorcycle Fuel Economy -(8 Simple Tips!)

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Motorcycles are three to four times more fuel-efficient than cars. That’s why many people choose motorcycles for daily commutes.

A modern 250cc EFI (electronic fuel injector) motorcycle gets 85 to 90 MPG, and no car in the world can be that efficient (even come closer).

However, there are still some ways to improve motorcycle fuel economy further. In this guide, we’ll look at some easy methods to reduce your fuel consumption.

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Male motorcyclist, clad in a helmet and protective jacket, refueling his motorcycle at a gas station

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Motorcycle Fuel Consumption

If your motorcycle is getting bad gas mileage, then follow these eight simple hacks to reduce fuel consumption:

1. Accelerate Slowly

Accelerating a motorcycle at higher rpm could be tempting and thrilling, but it all comes at the cost of burning extra gas in the combustion chamber.

Your throttle position is directly proportional to fuel consumption. The more you twist the throttlebar, the more fuel will be burned.

So, the first thing you should do to reduce fuel consumption is to be gentle on the throttle. Gradual acceleration not only preserves fuel but also reduces the wear and tear of the transmission system.

2. Check Tyre Pressure

How often do you check your tire pressure? Once a month? Whenever it looks a bit flat?

Well, I used to be the same way until I realized that maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential for fuel efficiency.

Under-inflated tires create more frictional resistance, causing the engine to work harder. A large portion of power goes to waste due to low tire pressure.

So, invest in a good pressure gauge and check the pressure regularly. Inflate your tire if pressure drops below the recommended level.

3. Regularly Change Engine Oil

Ah, engine oil – the lifeblood of our motorcycles. I was once guilty of stretching those oil change intervals, thinking I was saving money.

But in the long run, dirty or old engine oil can increase fuel consumption and potentially damage the engine.

A regular oil change ensures smoother engine performance and better fuel efficiency. Always stick to the recommended intervals.

4. Reduce Extra Weight

Imagine that you’re participating in a marathon with a heavy backpack. Is it easy for you to win the race? – No, running with extra weight will exhaust you quickly.

Similarly, if you carry extra weight in the saddlebags, then it will increase fuel consumption because a lot of power will be wasted in pulling that extra weight.

A lighter motorcycle will be more fuel-efficient. So, reduce extra weight from your motorcycle to get maximum fuel mileage. Even a few pounds will affect the MPG and top speed.

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5. Ride At Steady Speed

Maintaining a steady speed, especially on highways, can make a noticeable difference in fuel consumption.

Ride your motorcycle’s sweet spot – usually mid-range RPMs – for optimal fuel efficiency. Modern bikes have cruise control features that maintain your ride at constant speed.

If your bike has cruise control, set it at a mid-range RPM and enjoy the ride. This will save a lot of gas than revving up and down.

6. Be Aerodynamic

Aerodynamic plays an important role in reducing the air drag at high speed. Don’t add on any aftermarket accessories that disturb your motorcycle aerodynamics.

Also, ensure that saddlebags or any extra backpack isn’t restricting the airflow. Because the air drag drastically increases at a higher speed, which ultimately reduces your fuel efficiency.

7. Avoid Frequent Braking

Do you frequently apply brakes while riding? It could be another reason why your motorcycles use a lot of fuel.

It’s more than just wear and tear on your brakes – it’s about the energy wasted every time you stop and then have to accelerate again.

By planning ahead, reading the traffic, and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front, I’ve managed to brake less and glide more.

This smooth-riding style not only saves fuel but also makes your ride more relaxing.

8. Ride In Top Gear

Last, but certainly not least, riding in top gear can be a game-changer. As I discovered, lower gears use more fuel for the distance covered.

Once you reach a suitable speed and the road allows, shift up to the highest gear while maintaining a steady pace. Your engine will hum in approval, and you’ll save on fuel.


All these might seem like small changes, but trust me, they add up. By incorporating these habits, not only did I notice fewer visits to the gas station, but also an overall improved motorcycle health. So, ready to maximize that MPG? Safe and efficient riding to you!

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