How To Store Motorcycles For Winter? – (9 Expert Tips)

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In some places, a motorcycle is not a safe mode of transportation in winter because roads turn into ice. Do you live in a similar place where you must store your motorcycle for a few months?

You can not park and leave your motorcycle in a garage for a few months because it increases the risk of rusting and damage.

So, how do you store a motorcycle in winter? Thoroughly wash your motorcycle, apply OEM-approved wax, and lubricate the chain before storing it for a long time. Also, elevate the tire off the ground, disconnect the battery, and cover your motorcycle to prevent it from rusting and other damage.

In this guide, we’ll see some easy tips to store a motorcycle in winter to prevent damage. These tips will help to keep your motorcycle from rusting, corrosion, or starting issues on the next ride.

Motorcycle Covered with Snow

9 Easy Tips To Store Motorcycles For Winter

Motorcycles are made for rides, but riding a two-wheeler on ice roads is impossible. So, most people prefer to store their motorcycles for winter and switch to four-wheelers.

Here are some easy tips for storing a motorcycle for winter:

1. Clean Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Cleaning

A layer of dust and moisture starts corroding the metal parts. Clean all the parts with soap and water if you haven’t cleaned your motorcycle after outdoor rides.

Carefully inspect all the inaccessible metal parts and clean if any dirt is sticking there.

After cleaning your motorcycle with soap and water, wipe the moisture with microfiber clothes and degrease the chain with a cleaning spray or WD-40.

After decreasing your chain with chain cleaner, wipe it with a microfiber cloth and leave it for a few minutes.

2. Lubricate the Chain

Motorcycle Chain Lubricate

Once all moisture and degreaser have evaporated, apply the chain lube thoroughly. Because if you leave it unlubricated, the chain will start rusting, and you’ll notice a layer of rust in just 2 to 3 days.

Moreover, don’t forget to apply lube on moving parts such as the chain, cables, side stand, and center stand pivots.

Because these parts don’t have an anti-rust coating, they’ll slowly catch rust if you leave your motorcycle parked for longer.

3. Apply Motorcycle Wax

Motorcycle Wax

Motorcycle wax is a great product to keep the pains shiny. If you’re storing your motorcycle for longer, apply OEM-approved wax on the painted parts, such as the fuel tank, mudguards, side covers, and suspension covers.

Some people prefer to apply the wax on all parts, leave it on over the winter, and buff it off in the spring. It helps to keep the paint shine maintained for the longer term.

4. Fill the Tank With Gas

Motorcycle Refuelling

There is a high risk of corrosion from inside if your fuel tank is empty for a long. Once your fuel tank catches rust from inside, the rusted piece will start choking the gas flow to the carburetor.

As a result, your motorcycle performance drops, and you may face missing problems while riding the bike.

So, if you’re storing your motorcycle for winter, always top up the fuel tank with gasoline. The best way to combat rust from forming inside the fuel tank is by storing it full of gas so there’s the least amount of condensation space inside the tank.

5. Empty Carburettor

Motorcycle Carburettor

Modern motorcycles have a fuel injector system; you don’t need to do anything with those bikes. But, if you have an old motorcycle with a carburetor system, empty gas from the carburetor to prevent the fuel nozzle from getting plugged with old gas.

Rotate the fuel knob to the off position and start the motorcycle in neutral gear. Give some throttle to burn out gas from the carburetor.

Your motorcycle engine will automatically stop once no fuel is left in the carburetor. Now you can store it for a longer period.

6. Disconnect the Battery

Motorcycle Battery

All modern motorcycles come with ECU, ABS, and theft control, which consumes power from the battery. Your battery won’t discharge when you regularly ride your motorcycle.

But, if you’re storing it for winter, theft control and other electronics will slowly drain the battery.

When you start your motorcycle after winter, it will not start because the battery will be completely discharged.

Also, it’s not recommended to store a motorcycle or car battery for a longer time with no charge.

Hence, disconnect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to prevent it from deep discharging.

You can locate the battery below the motorcycle seat. At the same time, motorcycle brands like Royal Enfield provide a separate battery box on the left side.

7. Elevate the Tire

Motorcycle Tier Elevator

Parking a motorcycle with low tire pressure for longer is not recommended because the tire pressure slowly drops and may develop a flat spot. It happens because rubber goes into permanent deformation.

The flat spot will create problems in smoother rotation, and you may need to replace your tire on the next ride.

So, whenever you’re parking your motorcycle for longer, keep the tire elevated from the ground.

Otherwise, you can increase the tire pressure to its maximum recommended level and keep checking it every month. Once tire pressure drops, increase the pressure again.

8. Block the Exhaust Pipe

Motorcycle Exhaust Blocking

If you’re storing your bike for longer periods, you indirectly invite mice and critters to make their home in the engine.

So, don’t forget to block your motorcycle’s exhaust pipe and airboxes with rags or steel wool.

9. Cover the Motorcycle

Motorcycle Cover

Although you’re parking your motorcycle indoors, don’t forget to shield it with clothes or a motorcycle cover. This will protect your motorcycle paints from UV rays, moisture, and dust.

These tips will minimize the risk of damage when you’re storing your motorcycle for a longer time.

Are Motorcycles Bad in Winter?

Riding a motorcycle in winter is tough because roads are blocked with ice. So, people generally prefer a four-wheeler in winter.

Moreover, motorcycles don’t protect against cold and snowfall. That’s why motorcycles are considered a bad mode of transportation in winter.

Can Motorcycles Be Stored Outside in Winter?

There is no issue in parking your motorcycle outside in the winter for a few hours. But it’s not recommended to store your motorcycle outdoors in the winter because the motorcycle chain and other metal parts will catch rust due to moisture condensation.

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle From Rusting in the Winter?

If you’re worried about rusting your motorcycle metal parts, follow the tips above. Keep your motorcycle clean and chain lubricated and well maintained.

Also, apply OEM-approved wax to protect paints from oxidation. Don’t park your motorcycle outside; always protect it with a waterproof cover.


There is always a risk of rusting and corrosion of metal parts because the environment is full of moisture in the winter. So, follow all the above tips to prevent your motorcycle from rusting and getting damaged in winter. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know if you have any suggestions on this topic.

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