How To Stop Motorcycle Helmet Visor Fogging? – (5 Simple Ways)

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Visor fogging is a significant issue that every motorcyclist faces in winter rides. It reduces riders’ visibility, which leads to road accidents.

Although some modern helmet brands offer anti-fogging coating to the visors, that also becomes ineffective after a couple of months.

However, if your motorcycle helmet doesn’t have an anti-fogging feature, then I have some easy solutions to tackle this issue.

In this guide, I’ll provide some easy and quick solutions to stop your motorcycle helmet visor from fogging.

Why Does My Helmet Steam Up?

Motorcycle Helmet Fogging
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Before jumping into solutions, I want you to explain why your motorcycle helmet visor steams up.

During winter, the outside weather is colder than your body temperatures. When you exhale, the moisture of your hot breath immediately condense and stick to the wall of the visor.

If you can make the visor surface clear so that condensed moisture won’t stick to wall. In this article, I have explained a DIY method to make an anti-fogging layer on the helmet visor.

5 Ways To Stop Motorcycle Helmet Visor From Fogging

Riding a motorcycle in winter is challenging because your body fights with the chilling cold. In winter, visibility is already low, and visor fogging makes the ride more difficult.

So, I have tried several methods to make the helmet visor fog-free. Here are some easy ways to stop the visor from fogging:

1. Clean With Shaving Gel

The cheapest and DIY method to stop your motorcycle helmet visor from fogging is by applying shaving gel from inside and outside.

The shaving gel forms an anti-fogging layer around the visor wall which doesn’t let moisture condense and stick on it.

To apply a shaving gel, unscrew the visor from the helmet and apply shaving gel from the inside and outside of the visor.

Spread and rub the gel gently with your palm around the visor, then wipe it off with microfiber cloth.

This DIY method is cheapest and effective and your helmet visor won’t face fogging issue for next couple of weeks.

2. Apply Anti-fog Spray

There are many anti-fogging spray in the market that forms a thin protective layer on your visor to prevent it from fogging.

I personally used this premium Anti-fog spray from Amazon and it works great on my spectacles and bathroom mirrors.

You can use such anti-fogging spray on helmet visors to prevent it from fogging in winter rides.

The application process is very simple- first ensure that your visor is contaiminant-free.

Next, shake the bottle well to mixup the formula, then spray it. Gently wipe aways everything with a soft microfiber cloth.

That’s it! Your visor is fog-free for next three weeks. Repeat the same process after three weeks.

3. Use Anti-fog Film

Another effective solution is using an anti-fog film. These films are thin, transparent sheets that stick to the inside of your visor and act as a barrier against fogging.

They are easy to apply and offer a long-term solution to the problem. When choosing an anti-fog film, make sure it’s compatible with your helmet model for a perfect fit.

You can buy a universal helmet shield anti-fogging film from Amazon.

4. Allow Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial in preventing visor fogging. It’s difficult to ride with open visor in extremely cold weather.

However, most modern helmets come with built-in ventilation systems that allow air to circulate.

Ensure these vents are open while riding, especially in cold or wet conditions. Airflow helps to dissipate the moisture that causes fogging.

Adjusting the helmet slightly to allow more air in can also be helpful, but ensure it doesn’t compromise your safety or the fit of the helmet.

5. Wear Anti-fogging Mask

Lastly, consider wearing an anti-fogging mask. These masks are designed to redirect your breath away from the visor, reducing the likelihood of fogging.

They are particularly useful in colder climates where your breath is more likely to condense on the visor. Ensure the mask fits well with your helmet and is comfortable for long rides.


Maintaining a clear visor is essential for safe motorcycle riding. By employing these methods, riders can effectively combat visor fogging and enjoy a clearer, safer ride.

Whether you choose a DIY solution like shaving gel or a more specialized product like anti-fog sprays and films, keeping your visor fog-free is an achievable goal.

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