Best Heated Gloves For Motorcycles in 2024

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As a motorcycle enthusiast, you know there’s no off-season for true riders. But it becomes difficult to ride when winter descends with its biting cold.

If you’re tired of numb fingers and traditional gloves becoming ineffective, this article is important to make your winter ride comfortable.

I’m here to guide you through the best heated gloves for motorcycles that warm your palms and fingers throughout the ride.

I have tested various heated gloves from RevZilla, Amazon, and offline motorcycle gear shops and picked the best out of them.

Top-rated Heated Motorcycle Gloves For Winter Rides

  1. FXR Recon Heated Gloves – Value for money
  2. Alpinestars HT-5 Heated Gloves – Best overall
  3. Gerbing 7V S7 Heated Gloves – Most comfortable
  4. Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves
  5. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves
  6. Joe Rocket Burner Lite
  7. Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Pro
  8. MATKAO Heated Gloves
  9. Gerbing 12V G4 Women’s Gloves – Best for female riders
  10. Merlin Minworth Heated Women’s Gloves

1. FXR Recon Heated Gloves

FXR Recon Heated Gloves


  • Three temperature control modes.
  • Highly comfortable in long rides.
  • Four hours of battery backup on high heat mode.

FXR Recon Heated Gloves truly stands out for its exceptional performance in extreme cold. It comes with two 7.4V rechargeable batteries that keep your palm and fingers warm during the ride.

You can comfortably ride your motorcycle for four to five hours in cold weather at 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

On both sides of the gloves, there is an ON-OFF button with a temperature control function.

Just press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the heating process. Next, press and release the same button to change the heating mode between high, medium, and low.

On the low and medium modes, the battery lasts for 5 to 6 hours, while on the high settings, it lasts 4 hours.

I really love its build quality and the grip of the gloves. They are made of synthetic fiber and high-quality leather that traps heat like a thermal blanket.


  • Adjustable heat settings provide customizable comfort.
  • Thinsulate insulation keeps your palm warm for a longer duration.
  • Waterproof and breathable design for maximum hand comfort.
  • Durable leather palm withstands the rigors of frequent riding.


  • The premium features and quality come with a higher price tag.

2. Alpinestars HT-5 Heated Gloves

Alpinestars HT-5 Heated Gloves


  • CE-certified Level 1 KP.
  • Touchscreen sensitive thumb and index finger.
  • Offers sturdy knuckle protection.

Alpinestars is one of the leading riding gear manufacturing brands known for innovative designs and features.

Its HT-5 heated gloves are insanely popular among the world’s motorcycle-riding community.

These gloves stand as a testament to Alpinestars’ commitment to quality and rider comfort in extremely cold weather.

It comes with three heat mode settings that allow you to adjust the warmth level according to your needs.

I use them on medium settings that provide the perfect balance of heat and battery backup.

It has two 7.4V rechargeable batteries with an electronic controller that powers the heating element to keep your fingers and the back of your palm warm for five hours.


  • Individual hand heat regulation offers personalized comfort.
  • PrimaLoft insulation provides lightweight, effective warmth.
  • Touchscreen compatibility adds a layer of convenience.
  • It has an external control button for easy heat setting adjustments.
  • Robust safety features include a palm slider and knuckle protection.


  • The premium features might come with a higher price point.

3. Gerbing 7V S7 Heated Gloves

Gerbing 7V S7 Heated Gloves


  • Gerbing Microwire technology.
  • Windproof liner with premium insulation.
  • Eight hours of battery backup on low heat mode.

The biggest issue with cheap heated gloves is the discomfort on fingers due to the heating element.

But that’s not the issue with Gerbing S7 because it uses microwire technology, so you feel the heat but not the presence of wires.

It has a windproof liner backed with premium insulation that won’t make your ride uncomfortable even in extreme cold weather.

There is a temperature control button on each side to adjust the temperature according to weather conditions.

If we look at its battery backup, then I get approximately 8 hours on low heat settings, 5 hours on medium settings, and approximately 2.5 hours on high settings.


  • Gerbing’s microwire technology ensures even and comfortable warmth.
  • Windproof liner and premium insulation offer excellent cold protection.
  • Touchscreen-compatible index finger adds convenience to using smartphones without taking off the gloves.
  • Reinforced fingertips improve grip and durability.
  • Comes with two 7V rechargeable batteries and a dual wall charger.


  • On high heat, the battery life is significantly shorter.

4. Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves

Highway 21 7V Radiant Heated Gloves


  • Made from genuine leather.
  • Hipora liner keeps your hand dry.
  • Adjustable gauntlet.

Highway 21 Radiant heated gloves are an ideal choice for riders seeking a balance between warmth and protection.

Crafted from genuine leather, these gloves promise not only durability but also a classic aesthetic that many riders appreciate.

The waterproof, windproof, and breathable nature of the Hipora liner is particularly noteworthy, offering comprehensive protection against the elements.

Additionally, the 100g of Thinsulate insulation provides a consistent warmth that’s essential for cold-weather rides.

These gloves not only protect your hands from chilling cold but also provide safety to your wrists, palms, and fingers in road accidents.

The armored knuckles offer an extra layer of safety, crucial in protecting against impacts.


  • Genuine leather construction enhances durability and style.
  • Hipora liner provides effective waterproof, windproof, and breathable qualities.
  • Touchscreen compatibility for easy device usage.
  • Armored knuckles deliver additional safety.
  • Pre-curved fingers improve comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Three heat settings with adequate battery life for varying ride lengths.


  • Battery life may be limited on higher heat settings, requiring mid-ride adjustments.

5. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves

Savior Heat Heated Gloves


  • Instant heating function.
  • Three temperature modes.
  • Made from high-quality leather.

If you’re tight on budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money, then Savior heated gloves are the perfect choice.

A unique aspect of these gloves is the sturdy carbon fiber protective case at the joints, offering enhanced protection without compromising flexibility or comfort.

The gloves are made from high-quality leather material that provides ultimate durability.

These gloves are not only water-resistant, windproof, and breathable but also provide maximum comfort with their ultra-soft peal cotton interior.


  • Adjustable heat settings cater to different environmental needs.
  • Convenient USB-DC charger for easy overnight charging.
  • Carbon fiber protective case adds safety without hindering movement.
  • Touchscreen compatibility on the thumb for easy device usage.


  • The battery life on the highest heat setting is less.

6. Joe Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves

Joe Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves


  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable Hipora liner.
  • Three-stage heating mode.
  • Pre-curved finger design.

The Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves are a must-have for motorcycle riders who ride in chilly winter.

They’re sleek yet powerful, giving you warmth for up to three hours on a single charge. Each glove has its own battery that fits snugly inside, so you won’t even notice it’s there.

Adjusting the heat is super easy – press a small button on the cuff to switch between three heat modes.

These gloves are tough on the outside, with heavy-duty nylon and a leather palm that can handle wear and tear.

Plus, they’re waterproof, windproof, and breathable, thanks to the Hipora liner, making them great for all kinds of weather.

The best part? You get everything you need in one package – the gloves, rechargeable batteries, and a charger that can charge both batteries at the same time.


  • Easy-to-use heat settings for comfort at your fingertips.
  • Sturdy and protective, with strong materials for rough rides.
  • Waterproof and windproof – ready for any weather.
  • Bright reflective trim for safer night rides.


  • It’s not super insulated, so it might not be enough for extremely cold days.
  • The small button for heat control might be tricky to use with the gloves on.

7. Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Pro

Fly Racing Street Ignitor Pro Heated Gloves


  • Three heating modes with LED indicators.
  • 3000 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Adjustable wrist strap.

The Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Pro Gloves are an excellent choice for riders who need a reliable, high-performance solution for keeping their hands warm during their rides.

The gloves are made durable with leather palms and fingers and have integrated hard knuckle armor for added safety.

It has three different heat modes – low, medium, and high. I have tested them in 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, and medium heat mode is most suitable for such weather conditions.

However, I had to switch to the high-heat mode when the outside temperature dropped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has two rechargeable batteries which power the heating elements for 4 hours on low heat, 3 hours on medium heat, and 2.5 hours on high heat.

I really love the + and – buttons on the back of the gloves to adjust the temperature mode with an LED indicator.


  • Three heat settings with LED indicators for easy adjustments.
  • Durable construction with full leather palm and integrated knuckle armor.
  • The touchscreen compatibility is a convenient feature.
  • Superior heating technology for long-lasting warmth.
  • Hipora liner makes it waterproof, windproof, and breathable.


  • The gloves may feel bulkier due to the integrated heating system and armor.

8. Matkao Heated Gloves

Matkao Heated Gloves


  • 8.5 hours of battery backup.
  • Touchscreen compatible.
  • Affordable pricing.

I purchased Matkao heated gloves for snowboarding, but one day, my wife took them on a motorcycle ride.

She praised them a lot, so I also tested them for several miles of ride in cold winter.

These gloves set themselves apart with a double layer of heating wire, addressing the common issue of uneven heating found in many heated gloves.

This feature ensures that warmth envelops the entire hand, a critical aspect for riders braving the cold.

The gloves are powered by a 3000mAh 7.4V battery, boasting an impressive battery life of up to 8.5 hours, which is more than sufficient for long rides

Matkao heated gloves use premium, soft leather that is both durable and breathable.

The elastic band wrapping at the sleeves is an excellent design choice, preventing cold air from entering.

In my opinion, MATKAO Heated Gloves are an exceptional choice for riders looking for advanced, reliable, and comfortable heated gloves, especially suitable for long winter rides and outdoor activities.


  • Double heating wire ensures even and comprehensive hand warming.
  • Long battery life, suitable for extended outdoor activities.
  • Intelligent temperature control with three adjustable settings.
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable leather construction.
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumbs and index fingers.


  • The gloves are small for an XL size.

9. Gerbing 12V G4 Women’s Gloves

Gerbing 12V G4 Women’s Gloves


  • Gerbing Microwire heating technology.
  • Touchscreen-sensitive index finger.
  • Premium Aniline cowhide leather construction.

The Gerbing 12V G4 Women’s Gloves stand out for their straightforward, effective design, tailored specifically for women riders.

If you’re a female motorcycle enthusiast who loves to ride their bikes in chilly winter, then this product is highly recommended.

These gloves exemplify Gerbing’s reputation as a leader in Powersport wearable technology, delivering a blend of comfort and functionality that’s hard to beat.


  • Premium leather construction offers durability and comfort.
  • Microwire heating ensures even and consistent warmth.
  • The breathable, water-resistant membrane keeps hands dry.
  • Gel pads provide additional palm protection.
  • Touchscreen compatibility on the index finger.
  • Specifically designed for a woman’s hand for a better fit.


  • The gloves may be less versatile without the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Limited to a 12V power source, which may not be suitable for all riders.

10. Merlin Minworth Heated Women’s Gloves

Merlin Minworth Heated Women’s Gloves


  • Cowhide leather construction.
  • Hipora waterproof membrane.
  • Thinsulate C 200g on the back of the hand and 100g in the palm.

Merlin Minworth Heated Women’s Gloves are an excellent choice for female riders looking for a high-quality, protective, and heated glove solution for winter riding.

Their thoughtful design strikes a balance between warmth, protection, and practicality, making them a worthy investment for any rider.


  • D3O knuckle protection enhances safety.
  • Integrated heating elements with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Thinsulate C insulation ensures even warmth for a longer period.
  • Touchscreen compatibility on fingers and thumb.
  • Includes rechargeable batteries and a dual charger.


  • It’s a bulky glove and a bit loose on the fingers.


Choosing the right heated gloves for motorcycle riding is essential for comfort and safety in cold weather. Each glove on this list offers unique features like adjustable heat settings and enhanced grip. Whether you need advanced tech, long battery life, or superior protection, there’s an option for every rider.

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