How Fast Is The Fastest Motorcycle? – (Top Speed)

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Dodge Tomahawk is the world’s fastest motorcycle, with a top speed of 420 mph. However, this motorcycle is not street-legal and is only a prototype. The fastest street-legal motorcycle is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, with a top speed of 240 mph, followed by the Ducati Superleggera V4, with a top speed of 200 mph.

Speed is an important factor for motorcyclists who love the thrilling experience of extremely fast-speed rides. That’s why many motorcycle manufacturers are fighting to win the fastest motorcycle title.

In this guide, we’ll discover the world’s fastest motorcycles with their engine specifications, top speed, and street legality status.

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Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles In The World

If you’re a motorcycle lover, I’m sure you dream of riding the world’s fastest superbike. But not all fastest superbikes are street-legal. So, I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world with legality status.

MotorcycleEngine CapacityTop SpeedStreet Legality
Dodge Tomahawk8277cc350 MPHNo
Kawasaki Ninja H2R998cc249 MPHNo
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R1441cc240 MPHYes
Ducati Superleggera V4998cc202 MPHYes
Ducati 1199 Panigale R1000cc200 MPHYes
Suzuki GSX1300 R Hayabusa1340cc194 MPHYes
Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory1077cc190 MPHYes
BMW S1000RR1000cc188 MPHYes
Honda RBR1000RR-R Fireblade1000cc186 MPHYes
Yamaha YZF R1998cc185 MPHYes

These are the top 10 world’s fastest motorcycles; however, Dodge Tomahawk is a prototype motorcycle, while Kawasaki Ninja H2R is not allowed on roads because of the lack of indicator lights.

1. Dodge Tomahawk: 350 MPH

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge presented a unique motorcycle at the 2003 North American International Auto Show. This motorcycle has an 8277cc V-10 engine that produces 500 HP power.

The Dodge Tomahawk has a top speed of 350 miles per hour, which makes it the world’s fastest motorcycle.

However, this motorcycle isn’t street-legal because of its weird design. This motorcycle has four wheels instead of two, with no indicator lights.

Horsepower500 hp
Top Speed350 mph

2. Kawasaki Ninja H2R : 249 MPH

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the world’s fastest motorcycle that can reach 249 miles per hour. It’s truly a high-speed superbike that can beat the speed of racing cars.

It has a 998cc inline-four engine with a centrifugal supercharger producing 326 horsepower. Its unique aerodynamic design and carbon-fiber bodywork make it stable with reduced air drag at higher speeds.

With H2R, Kawasaki became the world’s first fastest two-wheel drive motorcycle manufacturer. However, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is not street-legal; hence, it’s unavailable to the public.

Horsepower326 hp
Top Speed249 mph

3. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R : 240 MPH

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the world’s fastest street-legal motorcycle that can reach up to 240 miles per hour. This motorcycle has a powerful 1441cc inline four-cylinder engine that produces a massive 197 horsepower.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the dream bike for many motorcyclists because it comes with Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) and advanced Digital Fuel Injection (DFI), giving an unmatched performance.

The bike is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame with wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamic bodywork, making it extremely comfortable to handle at high speed.

If you dream of riding the world’s fastest street-legal superbike, go for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Supersport. The bike is available to purchase at approximately $17,000 at the nearest Kawasaki dealer in your city.

Horsepower197 hp
Top Speed240 mph

4. Ducati Superleggera V4 : 202 MPH

Ducati Superleggera V4

Ducati Superleggera V4 is a limited-edition motorcycle made by Ducati. The manufacturer makes only 500 pieces of Superleggera V4.

It has a powerful 998cc engine that produces 224 horsepower. The motorcycle can run up to the maximum speed of 202 miles per hour.

The Ducati Superleggera V4 has all Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, and Ducati Slide Control with automatic tire calibration features.

It’s a street-legal superbike you can drive on all motorcycle lanes in the USA and worldwide. Due to the limited edition (only 500 pieces), it’s too expensive to purchase this motorcycle.

Horsepower224 hp
Top Speed202 mph

5. Ducati 1199 Panigale R : 200 MPH

Ducati 1199 Panigale R

Ducati 1199 Panigale R is a high-performance motorcycle produced by Ducati from 2013 to 2014. It is powered by an 1198cc Superquadro V-twin engine that produces 205 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 200 miles per hour.

The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission and features a race-spec Quickshifter that allows lightning-fast gear changes.

The suspension system comprises fully adjustable Ohlins suspension. The bike has advanced aerodynamic bodywork, which reduces drag and improves high-speed stability.

Horsepower205 hp
Top Speed200 mph

6. Suzuki GSX1300-R Hayabusa : 194 MPH

Suzuki GSX1300-R Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa is a world-popular motorcycle known for its high-performance riding experience. The Hayabusa has been a favorite among sport bike enthusiasts since its debut in 1999.

Suzuki GSX1300-R Hayabusa has a powerful 1340cc engine that can reach a top speed of 194 miles per hour.

The Hayabusa’s aerodynamic bodywork, including its signature “Ram Air” intake, adds to its sleek appearance and improves its stability at high speeds.

The bike also features advanced suspension and braking systems to enhance handling at higher speeds.

Horsepower197 hp
Top Speed194 mph

7. Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory: 190 MPH

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory is a fast and powerful supersport racing bike made by the Italian brand Aprilia. It has a powerful 1077cc engine that produces 213 horsepower. It can go fast, with a top speed of 190 mph.

It has unique electronic systems like advanced traction control, ride-by-wire, and quick shift that help make it easy to control the bike. The bike also has a good suspension, braking system, and light materials that help it handle well.

It’s considered one of the most advanced and powerful sports superbikes you can buy; it’s a great option for experienced riders who want a high-performance motorcycle.

Horsepower213 hp
Top Speed190 mph

8. BMW S1000RR : 188 MPH


BMW is a world-famous brand for cars and motorcycles. In 2009, BMW introduced the S1000RR superbike for racing, which can achieve 188 miles per hour.

Such a high speed is possible because of a 1000cc four-cylinder in-line engine that generates a massive 205 horsepower.

It can achieve 0 to 62 miles per hour speed in just 3.1 seconds. The aerodynamic design includes wind-tunnel-tested fairing, winglets, and a high-performance exhaust system. This design helps to improve stability and handling at high speeds.

BMW S1000RR is a dream bike for many motorcyclists participating in Moto GP racing. Its power, handling, and technology combination have become popular among experienced riders and those new to sports biking.

Horsepower205 hp
Top Speed188 mph

9. Honda RBR1000RR-R Fireblade: 186 MPH

Honda RBR1000RR-R Fireblade

The first ever Honda Fireblade was launched in 1992, taking the motorcycle racing experience to the next level.

The Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade has a powerful 1000cc four-cylinder engine producing a massive 215 horsepower.

Its Aluminium composite twin spar bodywork and aerodynamic design make it lightweight and faster.

The Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP can reach a top speed of 186 miles per hour. Overall, it’s a great racing motorcycle that you can buy.

Horsepower215 hp
Top Speed186 mph

10. Yamaha YZF R1: 185 MPH

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1 was first introduced in 1988 and has undergone multiple design changes and modifications to achieve higher speed. The latest YZF R1 has a 998cc four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower.

Due to its lightweight and aerodynamic design, the Yamaha YZF R1 has achieved a top speed of 185 miles per hour. The unique aerodynamic design provides great stability and handling at a higher speed.

The motorcycle also has advanced suspension systems, including an adjustable fork and rear shock, which help provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Yamaha YZF R1 has many advanced features, such as a quick-shifter, traction control, and multiple riding modes.

Horsepower200 hp
Top Speed185 mph

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Which Is The First Fastest Motorcycle In The World?

Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the world’s fastest two-wheeler motorcycle that can reach up to 249 mph (400 km/h). But, due to a lack of indicator lights and other important accessories, Ninja H2R is not street-legal.

Who Is The Fastest Bike Rider In The World?

Rocky Robinson is the fastest bike rider in the world and holds the speed record of 376 miles per hour (605 km/h) in 2010.

What Is The Fastest Street Legal Motorcycle In The World?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the fastest street-legal motorcycle that can reach a top speed of 240 miles per hour (386 km/h).

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These are the top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world that every motorcyclist dreams of. Dodge Tomahawk is the #1 fastest motorcycle, followed by Kawasaki Ninja H2R, but both are not street-legal. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the fastest street-legal motorcycle you can purchase from your nearest Kawasaki dealer.

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