Can You Ride a Motorcycle With Sandals? – (A Detailed Guide)

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A motorcycle is the least safe mode of transport, but the risk can be minimized by wearing the appropriate safety gear while riding. According to the CDC, motorcycle helmet reduces the death risk by 37% and head injury by 69%. Similarly, a riding boot reduces the risk of a foot injury.

So, can you ride a motorcycle with sandals? It’s unsafe to ride a motorcycle in sandals or slippers. There is a strict law against riding a motorcycle without proper riding gear. Sandals don’t protect against leg injury; your feet, ankles, and lower legs are always vulnerable to injury. A high-quality rider boot is compulsory on motorcycles in various countries worldwide.

Is It Illegal To Ride Motorcycles in Sandals?

You can ride a motorcycle in sandals, and it’s not against the law in many countries. But the California Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t recommend wearing sandals in summer. However, some countries like India and the Philippines have strict laws and guidelines on footwear for motorcyclists.

Why Is It Unsafe To Wear Sandles on Motorcycles?

Riding Motorcycle in Slippers

I know you want to dress down your motorcycle gear on hot summer days. But it’s not recommended to ride a motorcycle in sandals or slippers.

So, what makes it unsafe to ride a motorcycle in sandals? Wearing sandals on motorcycles is unsafe because sandals don’t protect your foot against injuries. There is a risk that your sandals may get caught on the footpeg, which also exposes your skin. A sandal doesn’t provide stability to your ankles, increasing the risk of accidents.

1. Sandle Offers No Protective Barrier

You must have seen a motorcyclist in a leather jacket and good-quality boots. A high-quality boot provides great stability while shifting gears and pressing the brake paddle. Also, it protects your feet from serious injury in case of accidents.

Wearing sandals on a motorcycle doesn’t provide any protection barrier, and your feet may be seriously injured in case of an accident. So, wearing a riding boot and other protective gear while riding a motorcycle is highly recommended.

2. Sandals Can Get Caught on the Footpeg

Sandals have an open design, increasing the risk of getting caught on a footpeg. When we stop our motorcycle at a traffic signal, we often put our legs on the footpeg for stability.

But, if sandals get caught on the footpeg, you may lose your balance, increasing the risk of an accident. That’s why you should always wear riding boots with no laces while riding a motorcycle.

3. Sandals Offer No Stability for Your Ankles

Ankle stability is important while shifting the gears. A riding boot offers great stability to ankles, reducing the risk of accident or ankle injury.

However, sandals don’t offer stability to ankles, increasing the risk of injury in accidents. Also, riding a motorcycle in sandals won’t feel comfortable on long rides. So, a robust riding boot is a very important gear for motorcyclists.

4. Sandals Expose Your Skin

A riding boot covers all your skin, while sandals don’t. Exposed skin is always at risk from the following injuries:

  • Skin burns from exhaust pipe: Your feet are always near the exhaust pipe of your motorcycle. The temperature of the exhaust pipe is unbearably hot, and if you drive your motorcycle in sandals, it increases the risk of skin burns.
  • Injuries from road debris: Common road debris, like small stones or gravel, may hit your leg. Riding boots prevent your feet from some of these injuries, while sandals don’t.
  • Major injuries in accidents: If you’re driving your motorcycle at high speed and suddenly your bike falls off, it will drag your legs to a few meters for sure. Sandals don’t offer protection, and your foot may be badly injured.

5. Foot May Slip in Sandals

Sandals increase the risk of slippage if you ride your motorcycle in rain or wet conditions. If your foot suddenly slips, you may lose balance, increasing the risk of a road accident. So, don’t risk your life by riding a motorcycle in sandals.

What Is The Best Footwear For Motorcyclists?

Bikers Boot

So, you understand why sandals are unsafe footwear for motorcycles. Now, you may ask, what is the safest footwear for motorcyclists?

Biker boots with rubber soles and wide heels are the best footwear for motorcyclists. Riding boots are typically made from waterproof, abrasion-resistant material, which offers great stability while riding a motorcycle.

What Type Of Riding Boots Are Safest?

If you’re planning to buy riding boots, you need to understand what type of riding boots are safest for motorcycling.

It would be best if you look for the following characteristics while choosing a riding boot:

1. The Biker’s Boot Should Have a Rubber Sole

Rubber sole provides excellent grip on the footpeg and prevents your leg from slipping. So, if you’re buying a riding boot, you should pick one with a rubber sole. Also, the rubber naturally repeals mud, dirt, and water, which keeps your footpeg clean.

2. Biker’s Boot Should Have Low and Wide Heel

A riding boot with low and wide heels offers excellent stability on the footpeg and prevents slippage. Also, shifting gears and pressing the brake paddle is accessible in a boot with low and wide heels.

Please don’t pick a riding boot with high heels because it doesn’t offer stability to ankles, and a narrow heel increases the risk of getting your boot caught in a footpeg.

3. Biker’s Boot Should Have No Laces

A riding boot with laces increases the risk of accidents. Sometimes, the laces get loose and caught in your motorcycle’s footpeg or other parts. Also, a riding boot with loose laces could fly off your feet in case of an accident.

So, always pick a riding boot with secure velcro or zipper fastenings. Such boots don’t fly off your feet and protect you from accidents.

4. Biker’s Boot Should Provide Ankle Stability

Your ankle stability is very important while riding a motorcycle at high speed. If you’re buying a riding boot, always ensure that it provides ankle stability.

5. Biker’s Boot Be Waterproof

Riding in the rain is fun, but you should have proper riding gear for safety. If your riding boot is not waterproof, it’ll pass the moisture to your shocks, making you uncomfortable on further rides

So, always choose a biker boot made from abrasion-resistant waterproof material, providing excellent protection throughout your ride.

Fly Racing Riding Boot

You can buy Fly Racing riding boots from Amazon. It offers great protection and ankle stability while riding a motorcycle.

What Footwear Should I Wear on Motorcycle in Summer?

I understand your feelings because wearing leather boots in summer is very uncomfortable. But it’s not safe to wear sandals while riding a motorcycle.

You can buy vented boots to ride a motorcycle in the summer. It provides great protection in comparison to sandals and keeps your foot cool all the time. I’m using Alpinestars SMX-1 R V2 vented boot for summer, and it’s great.


It’s unsafe to wear a sandal while riding a motorcycle. Sandals increase the risk of a severe foot injury, and it’s against the law in some countries. You can buy vented boots for motorcycling in summer. The vented boots provide great protection and cool your feet in the summer.

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