How Fast Do Cruiser Motorcycles Go? – (8 Examples)

Although Cruiser motorcycles come with powerful engine wight high torque, they don’t go as fast as sports bikes. It’s because cruiser bikes are made for more comfortable rides than racing. The sitting posture on cruiser bikes is straightforward so that you won’t face back pain in long-distance rides. You can comfortably cruise at 60 to 80 mph speed.

So, how fast do cruiser motorcycles go? The average top speed of cruiser bikes is 90 to 130 mph because speed is not the priority for such bikes. Rather, the company focuses more on stability for comfortable rides. The fastest Harley-Davidson cruiser bike was the 2001 V-Rod which pick-up 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph.

Cruiser Motorcycle

How Fast Can Cruiser Motorcycles Go?

The cruiser motorcycles can go up to 90- 130 mph, depending on the engine capacity and weight. A 1200cc cruiser motorcycle can run at the maximum speed of 130 mph; however, a sports bike can reach 170 mph with the same engine capacity. This speed difference occurs due to aerodynamic design and less weight in sports bikes.

Average Top Speed Of Cruiser and Sports Motorcycles

Engine Capacity (Cubic Centimetre)Cruiser BikesSports Bikes
350cc70 to 80 mph85 to 110 mph
500cc70 to 90 mph90 to 120 mph
650cc80 to 100 mph100 to 140 mph
800cc90 to 110 mph120 to 160 mph
1000cc90 to 115 mph150 to 170 mph
1200cc100 to 130 mph170 to 180 mph
1500cc120 to 140 mph200 to 250 mph
1800cc120 to 150 mph250 to 300 mph

The Fastest Cruiser Motorcycles in The World

Check the table below if you’re looking for the world’s fastest cruiser motorcycles. I’ve mentioned the motorcycle name, engine capacity, and top speed.

Cruiser BikeEngine CapacityTop Speed
Ducati Diavel 1260 S1262cc165 mph
Yamaha VMAX1679cc150 mph
Triumph Rocket 3 R2458cc145 mph
Triumph Rocket III Roadster2294cc140 mph
Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie1832cc130 mph
Harley-Davidson 2022 V-Rod1247cc130 mph
Yamaha XV1900A Star Raider1854cc120 mph
Suzuki Boulevard M109R1783cc110 mph

Why Should Buy a Cruiser Motorcycle Over a Sports Bike?

Sports bikes are good for your needs if high speed is your priority. But cruiser motorcycles come with great features.

Here’s why you should buy a cruiser motorcycle over a sports bike:

1. Comfortable Rides

The cruiser motorcycles are not designed aerodynamically; hence you don’t have to drive in bending positions. The cruisers have lower seating and wide handlebars inclined towards the rear, making them perfect and comfortable for daily rides.

The sitting posture is quite comfortable on cruiser bikes, and you won’t feel tiredness and back pain in longer rides. So,

2. Good For Off-roading

Cruiser bikes are a good choice for off-roading if you frequently go to hilly areas and camping. Cruiser motorcycles have powerful engine that delivers high torque to the wheel, making it easy to ride in bad road conditions.

3. Good For Long Rides

When it comes to long rides, your motorcycle should be stable and comfortable. Also, it should have a larger fuel tank that carries enough fuel to ride outside the city. A cruiser motorcycle has all these features, which makes it the perfect bike for long rides.

4. Powerful Engine

A powerful engine is another important factor you should consider while purchasing a motorcycle. All cruiser bikes have an extremely powerful and robust engine that delivers high torque whenever required. Riding a powerful engine cruiser bike gives extra confidence while overtaking.

5. Easy Maintenance

The design of cruiser motorcycles is not complicated; hence maintenance is quite easy. Until and unless you need any major service or modification, you don’t need to visit a mechanic shop. You don’t need to open any covers or nut bolts for regular maintenance.


Cruiser bikes are not made for racing; rather, they’re designed for stable and comfortable rides. That’s why the weight of cruiser motorcycles is higher than sports bikes. Still, Ducati Diavel 1260 S and Yamaha VMAX (both cruiser bikes) can reach the top speed of 165 mph and 150 mph, respectively. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share your valuable feedback in the comments.

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