Motorcycle Jump Forward When Put In Gear? -(Causes & Fixes!)

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In today’s article, we’ll discuss a common issue that every motorcyclist faces, i.e., motorcycles jump forward when put in gear.

In this guide, we’ll find the most common reason for this issue and try to find the best possible solution.

So, if your motorcycle also jumps forward a little when you put in the first gear, don’t skip this guide because I’ll tell you six primary reasons and some easy fixes to solve this issue.

Motorcycle Gear

Why Does Motorcycle Jump When Put In First Gear?

A motorcycle will jump forward when put in first gear if there is too much free play in the clutch wire. The friction plates don’t fully disengage when you pull the lever, which results in jerking.

You should first adjust the clutch wire tension and see if the problem goes away. If not, the problem lies elsewhere, which we shall discuss in this article.

Here are six common reasons why a motorcycle jumps forward when you put in the first gear:

1. Weather Conditions

The motorcycle uses the multi-plate wet clutch assembly that sticks together in extremely cold weather.

Due to sticky clutch plates, the motorcycle jumps forward a little when you put in first gear. However, this problem goes away when engine oil heats up after you ride a few miles.

2. Contaminated Engine Oil

In order to get a smoother riding experience and performance, you should change the engine oil at recommended intervals.

Old or contaminated engine oil becomes sticky and prevents the clutch and gear movements.

In that case, your motorcycle overheats and jerks while gear shifting. To solve this, you must change your engine oil to the recommended grade.

3. Excess Engine Oil

If you overfill the engine oil in your motorcycle, it promotes clutch slippage. Due to clutch slippage, you might face difficulty shifting gears.

So, check the engine oil level with a dipstick and drain the excess oil with a syringe or pipe using the Psiphon method.

4. Clutch Issues

The clutch assembly is the go-between for your engine and transmission. It separates the engine power from the transmission system.

If your motorcycle clutch plates are not fully disengaging, it can cause the bike to jump while gear shifting.

You should replace the clutch plates if you notice a hard gear shifting or clunking sound or your motorcycle seems to lose power on accelerating.

Click here to read my guide on six signs of a bad motorcycle clutch.

5. High Idle RPM

The ideal engine RPM of a motorcycle in idle condition should be between 700 and 1000 RPM.

If your motorcycle’s idle RPM is high, it causes difficulty in gear shifting, and your motorcycle might jump a little even when the clutch lever is fully pulled.

So, you should tune your carburetor and bring the idle RPM between the recommended range. This resolves the jerking problem while upshifting and downshifting of gear.

6. Gearbox Issue

A faulty gearbox could be another reason your motorcycle jerks and jumps forward a little when putting in the first gear.

You should get your gearbox inspected by an experienced motorcycle mechanic and replace the worn components for smoother shifting.


The clutch system is responsible for bad transmission and difficult gear shifting experience. Troubleshooting can be started by adjusting the clutch wire tension and maintaining the correct oil grade and level. This will resolve the jerking issue while putting in the first gear.

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