How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain? -(For Longevity)

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If you’re a bike enthusiast like me, feeling the wind on your face while you’re burning rubber on the asphalt gives you a sense of freedom like no other.

But amidst the thrill of the ride, there’s one thing we must not overlook – the health of our motorcycle chains.

Trust me, friends, regular chain cleaning and lubrication is not just a chore; it’s the lifeblood of our bikes’ performance and safety!

It protects, enhances, and extends the life of your bike, keeping you safe and your ride thrilling. So, before you rev up next time, show your chain some love.

I’ll explain how often to lube a motorcycle chain in this guide. This guide is helpful if you recently purchased a pre-owned or brand-new motorcycle.

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Chain Lubrication

How Often Should You Lubricate A Motorcycle Chain?

For a better riding experience and a smooth power transmission, regular chain cleaning and lubrication play an important role. You should lubricate your motorcycle chain every 300 to 400 miles or every 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that frequent lubrication is good for your chain.

Again, it is important to note that chain lubrication frequency for off-road motorcycles is lesser than on-road motorcycles. If you ride your motorcycle in a dusty environment, you must clean and lubricate the chain every 150 to 200 miles.


  • On-road motorcycles: 300 to 400 miles
  • Off-road motorcycles: 150 to 200 miles
  • Dirt bikes: After every ride.

Note: You must lubricate your motorcycle chain after coming from rain rides.

Should You Clean Your Motorcycle Chain Before Lubrication?

Motorcycle chain attracts dust and forms a greasy layer with mixing with lubricant. So, it’s important to clean your motorcycle chain before applying lubricant. However, you don’t need to clean your chain everytime.

For best performance and longevity, you should clean your motorcycle chain every 400 to 500 miles, and after cleaning, you should immediately apply the chain lube.

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Why Should You Lubricate Your Motorcycle Chain?

Your chain is a part of the transmission system that transfers power from the crankshaft to the rear wheel.

Your chain is constantly working, moving metal against metal. Without proper lubrication, excessive friction can cause wear and tear that’s as bad for your chain and sprockets.

Regular chain lubrication reduces friction and wear, which increases the life of your chainlink and sprocket.

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Your motorcycle chain is more than just a functional part of your bike; it’s the silent custodian of your rides. By giving it the care and attention it deserves, you ensure that your rides are smooth, safe, and enjoyable. So, the next time you’re back from a ride, spare a moment for your chain.

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