Is It Okay For Motorcycles to Get Rained On? – (Yes! Read This First)

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All motorcycles are water resistant; hence, you won’t face any problems while riding in the rain. However, vulnerable parts like electronics and lighting systems should be properly dried after coming from rain rides. Also, you should clean and lubricate your chain and sprocket to protect against rust and corrosion.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain gives the next level of excitement. But keeping your motorcycle safe is another important aspect you must not ignore. I’m sure you don’t want to see rust or corrosion on any parts of your bike.

In this guide, we’ll understand how rain will damage my motorcycle and what to do after riding a motorcycle in the rain.

Will My Motorcycle Rust in Rain?

Motorcycle in Rain

Minor exposure of your motorcycle in the rain will not damage the parts because manufacturers designed it to be water-resistant.

However, if your motorcycle is dirty and you leave it outside in the rain for an extended period, some parts, like the chain and sprocket, will catch the rust.

So, when parking your motorcycle outside, keep it covered so metal parts will not rust. Also, keep your motorcycle chain clean and lubricated to prevent it from rusting.

What to Do After Riding Motorcycle in the Rain?

Washing Motorcycle

In general, water, dew, or moisture will not damage your motorcycle, but acid rain or UV rays will slowly dull the paint’s shine. Also, mud or dust will rust the metal parts if not cleaned and maintained regularly.

So, if you just came from a rainy ride, these tips will keep your motorcycle safe against corrosion and rust-

1. Wash It Thoroughly

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is the ultimate fun. Whenever I ride my motorcycle in the rain, it feels like I’m quite close to nature. All mental stress is released in just a few minutes of rides.

But it would be best if you think about your motorcycle health too. So, whenever you come from a rainy ride, ensure that you wash your motorcycle with clean water.

If you don’t wash your motorcycle after rain exposure, then some metal parts will slowly catch rust. So, I recommend washing your motorcycle with soap water after every rainy ride.

2. Clean The Mud

Riding a motorcycle in mud gives a thrilling experience, but mud attracts rust and corrosion. When you ride your motorcycle in the rain, mud clogs the chain rollers and some unreachable corners.

So, always inspect for mud or dirt sticking on the motorcycle metal parts and remove it. After removing the mud, wash it with clean water.

3. Dry Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle has electronics parts, a lighting system, and some leather parts. Generally, the electronic parts are waterproof, but the lights and leather parts are not.

So, once you finish washing your motorcycle after a rainy ride, dry the leather parts to prevent damage.

4. Clean The Chain and Sprocket

Rusty Motorcycle Chain

A chain drive transfers the engine power to the wheel. Your chain and sprockets always face strain; nobody likes them rusted or corroded. Once your chain or sprocket rusts, it creates problems in smoother rides.

So, if you don’t want your riding experience affected, you should clean the chain with chain cleaner spray once your motorcycle is exposed to rain.

5. Lubricate It Properly

Even though you have cleaned your chain with cleaning spray, it will catch rust if you don’t lubricate it with chain lube.

So, after cleaning your chain and sprocket, don’t forget to lubricate your motorcycle chain. If you don’t have a chain lube at home, apply some engine oil or grease.

But don’t rely on these temporary alternatives because their viscosity and additive properties differ from chain lube. Buy a lube spray immediately and apply it on your motorcycle chain for a smoother riding experience.

Should I Cover My Motorcycle When It Rains?

If your motorcycle is exposed to rain for a day or two, there are no reasons to worry about rusting. Motorcycles are generally water-resistant, and metal parts have an anti-rust coating.

However, if your motorcycle is continuously facing the rain, these anti-rust coating will start oxidizing, and metal parts will face rusting.

So, it’s always better to cover your motorcycle with a waterproof cover when it rains. This will ensure the longevity of your motorcycle. Also, don’t forget to lubricate your chain frequently.

Should I Wash My Motorcycle After Rain?

Yes, washing your motorcycle after rain is better to prevent the metal parts from rusting and keep the paint shiny. Use soap and water to wash and clean your motorcycle’s metal parts thoroughly.

After cleaning your motorcycle, dry all the leather parts and properly lubricate your chain and sprocket to prevent damage due to rust and corrosion.

Should You Dry Your Motorcycle After Riding in the Rain?

Don’t dry your motorcycle after riding it in the rain because dirt and mud on the metal parts will catch rust. When you reach home, wait a few minutes to let the engine cool down.

Once the engine temperature reaches normal, wash your motorcycle thoroughly with a pressure washer and soap water.

After cleaning all the parts, use a microfiber towel to dry the instrument cluster and LED lights. Now, clean and wipe the suspension and apply some silicon lube.

Decrease your chain and sprocket with an OEM-approved chain cleaner or decreaser, and then apply chain lube to prevent rust.


All motorcycles are okay to get rained, but continuous exposure will oxidize the anti-rust coating, and metal parts will start corroding. If your motorcycle is parked in the rain for a day or two, there is nothing to worry about, but if you leave it outside for more than a week, it’s better to cover it from the rain. Regular cleaning and lubrication will prevent your motorcycle from rusting. Apply OEM-approved wax to prevent paint shine from going out.

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