Are Royal Enfield Bikes Reliable? – 7 Years+ Experience

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Are you planning to buy Royal Enfield but worrying about its engine reliability? My father has owned a Royal Enfield for 25 years, and it’s still running smoothly.

I purchased a Royal Enfield Classic 350 (BS6 model) a few months years back. In this article, we’ll discuss the reliability of Royal Enfield bikes.

Royal Enfield is India’s market leader motorcycle brand in the 251cc to 500cc segment. Despite tough competition from its rivals, it still has a 95% market share in this segment. All credit goes to the Royal Enfield Classic 350, contributing 70% of this figure.

So, are Royal Enfield bikes reliable? Royal Enfield is the most famous motorcycle brand for commuting in Leh-Ladakh. Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic 350 are great motorcycles for off-roading, while Continental GT 650 and Himalayan are the most reliable bikes for touring in hilly areas. Enfield is an all-metal bike, and corrosion is the most common problem. But, with proper maintenance and care, the corrosion problem is also resolved.

Royal Enfield Bike

Is Royal Enfield Engines Reliable?

A few years back, oil leakage was the biggest problem with engines, but Royal Enfield has fixed this in new models.

The bike engine can last longer with regular maintenance and care. One of my uncle’s Bullets is still running smoothly after 17 years.

So, I could say Royal Enfield engines are very reliable and can last up to 70,000 to 90,000 miles.

Considering the average annual mileage for a motorcycle is around 3,000 miles, the Royal Enfield engine can last up to 25 to 30 years.

Are Royal Enfield Good For Long Ride?

Royal Enfield bikes are great for cruising at 70 to 80 Km/h on national highways. Earlier models had vibration issues, but new models have improved a lot. You won’t feel much vibration on highways while riding at 70 to 80 Km/h.

Also, the sitting position of Royal Enfield bikes is great for long rides. That’s why many riders in India prefer Royal Enfield for long drives.

But Royal Enfield is not the right choice if you love driving at high speeds, such as 140 Kmph or above. In that case, you can buy sports bikes that are made for racing purposes.

Which Royal Enfield Bike is Best For Daily Use?

Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Bullet 350 are great bikes for daily use. Classic 350 has spring suspensions in the seat, giving ultimate comfort in off-roading. Also, the sitting posture and handle position are great for daily use.

If you have back pain, I recommend using the Royal Enfield Classic 350 model. I faced tailbone pain while driving sports bikes, but the RE Classic 350 is quite comfortable in daily use.

Is Royal Enfield a Good Bike Brand?

Royal Enfield manufactures powerful cruiser motorcycles at affordable prices. The price of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is half that of the Kawasaki Vulcan S 650.

The new Royal Enfield cruiser bikes are highly reliable and much more affordable than Kawasaki and Harley Davidson.

The major problem or issue with old Royal Enfield bikes was their vibrations, but the company has reduced 90% of vibrations through design changes.

If you don’t have the budget for Harley-Davidson, you can go for Enfield without a single thought.

How Long Do Royal Enfield Motorcycles Last?

Royal Enfield motorcycles can easily last up to 70,000 to 90,000 miles if adequately maintained and serviced on time.

If you drive 3000 miles per year, Royal Enfield motorcycles can easily last up to 25 to 30 years. However, some people in India have used their Royal Enfield Bullet for over 50 years.

Rusting is the biggest issue that exists with Royal Enfield’s older models. You may notice corrosion on some parts of your bike in the first two years.

However, if you don’t park your bike in the rain, you will not notice corrosion on any parts for up to 5 years.

Is Royal Enfield Expensive To Maintain?

The service cost of Royal Enfield motorcycles is higher than normal bikes, but it’s less expensive than premium brands like Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson.

Royal Enfield provides five free services in India, but you must pay for parts. On the first service, they replace the air filter, oil filter, engine oil, and other small parts, which cost around Rs. 1500 in India.

But, in the USA, the Royal Enfield service cost varies from dealer to dealer. The average service cost for Royal Enfield in the USA is approx $200 to $400. You need to enquire yourself and find the cheapest dealer or get it service aftermarket.

Which Royal Enfield Model is Most Reliable?

All models of Royal Enfield have great build quality, but the Classic 350 and Bullet 350 are the highest-selling models in India. These models are great for the city and daily rides.

If you frequently visit hill stations or do off-road rides, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Himalayan 650, and Continental GT are the most reliable bikes you need.

ModelBuild QualityRide Quality
Royal Enfield Classic 350ExcellentGood
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650GoodExcellent
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650GoodExcellent
Royal Enfield Himalayan 650GoodExcellent
Royal Enfield Meteor 350GoodGood
Royal Enfield Scram 411GoodExcellent

Is Royal Enfield Classic 350 Reliable?

If you need a cruise bike for city rides and daily use, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a perfect choice. The fuel economy of the Classic 350 (BS6) model has improved a lot.

The fuel injector has improved the overall mileage, and you can expect it to be anything between 40 to 45 Kmpl (depending on how smoothly you twist the throttle bar). Click here to read another guide on how to improve motorcycle fuel economy.

It’s the most reliable motorcycle model of Royal Enfield, which covers more than 70% of sales in India and worldwide. The weight balancing is also great; you won’t feel heaviness and discomfort in running conditions.

Is Royal Enfield Himalayan Reliable?

Himalayan and Continental GT 650 are the most reliable motorcycles Royal Enfield makes for riding in hilly areas. These motorcycles generate enormous torque that enhances the riding experience on hillsides.

The Himalayan is a great choice if you frequently do off-roading and camping on hill stations. As the name suggests, this motorcycle is made for hilly areas.

Does Interceptor 650 Have A Heating Issue?

Royal Enfield bikes heat up, but it’s not a big problem. The engine is located in the front, and continually air cools down when you drive steadily.

As far as long-ride comfort is concerned, I don’t think there will be any problem because of the effortless power delivery from a powerful engine.


Royal Enfield has improved a lot in their design, and they’re the most reliable bike manufacturer at an affordable price. The company has reduced the engine vibrations by 90%, and the build quality is also great. Royal Enfield is a great choice if you don’t have a budget for Harley-Davidson.

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  1. thomas james plouffe says:

    The reason I inquired about reliability of Royal Enfield is because I have been told by reliable motorcycle repair shop that they won’t work on Royal Enfield is because they are built cheap, hard to get parts for and break easy. That was discouraging because I recently purchased Royal Enfield 350 Classic. I love the bike, but after only 200 miles the speedo won’t work properly. When I contacted dealer he stated he would put in request to get new parts for speedo and would let me know in approx. one week if request was approved??? Then I’m not sure when I can take bike to dealer for repairs. Not good!

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