Are Royal Enfield Bikes Too Heavy? – Handling Experience

Royal Enfield doesn’t use any plastic or fiber parts; hence the weight is higher than other bikes. When I bought my first Royal Enfield bike, I was concerned about its weight. I was confused about whether the handling is easy or difficult.

In this guide, I’ll share my experience and let you know whether it feels too heavy to drive. Are you confused about whether the Royal Enfield motorcycles are too heavy?

Royal Enfield provides an all-metal design, making it heavier than other sports bikes. The Kerb weight of Royal Enfield Classic 350 is 430 lbs (195 kg), and Interceptor 650 is 445 lbs (202 kg). Any added accessories increase the weight of the motorcycle. But it doesn’t feel heavy in running conditions. It feels lighter and more well-balanced than any other sports bike of similar engine capacity.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle

How Much Do Royal Enfield Bikes Weigh?

If you’re planning to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle but are concerned about its weight, check the weight comparison of all Enfield models.

ModelKerb Weight
Royal Enfield Hunter 350181 kg
Royal Enfield Scram 411185 kg
Royal Enfield Bullet 350191 kg
Royal Enfield Classic 350195 kg
Royal Enfield Himalayan 650199 kg
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650202 kg
Royal Enfield Continental GT202 kg
Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650241 kg

Which Royal Enfield is Heaviest?

Royal Enfield bikes are usually heavy than other bikes because all parts are made from metal. Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is the heaviest model, weighing 241 kgs curb weight, following Interceptor 650 and Continental GT, which weighs 202 kgs.

Is Royal Enfield Classic 350 Heavy?

Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a heavy bike that weighs 195 kg (curb weight). Any added accessories increase weight, but it’s very comfortable to handle when running.

It doesn’t feel heavy and uncomfortable to ride the bike. But it isn’t easy to move manually (when the engine is off) and parking the bike on the center stand.

Is Bullet Difficult To Handle?

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 weighs comparatively lesser than the Classic 350, but you won’t notice any difference in ride quality. Both bikes are easy to handle on roads, but riding in traffic is a bit more difficult than other sports bikes.

Can Skinny People Ride Royal Enfield?

There is no issue in riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle for the skinny person because it doesn’t feel heavy in running conditions.

A common myth is that Royal Enfield bikes are good for muscular people, but that’s not true.

Being skinny does not mean you cannot ride or you won’t look good while riding a Royal Enfiled. It’s basically what is the purpose of the ride which matters.

Can A 50kg Person Drive Bullet?

Yes! If you can reach the ground with your feet on a motorcycle, you can ride it easily. However, if you’re concerned about your look, I would tell you that you look fantastic.

Just don’t think about what others think about you. If you’re tall enough, know how to ride a motorcycle, and are passionate about cruiser bikes, go for Royal Enfield Bullet.

Can A Girl Handle Royal Enfield?

Hot Girl on Royal Enfield Bike

Anyone can ride Royal Enfield if his/her feet touch the ground. If you know how to ride a heavy bike, you can easily handle Royal Enfield.

However, if you’re going to ride a heavy bike for the first time, I would recommend you join a riding club to boost your confidence.

Royal Enfield bikes look heavy, but handling them is very easy. Once you gain confidence, you’ll enjoy cruising at 70 to 80 kmph speed.


Meteor 650 is the heaviest bike made by Royal Enfield, weighing 241 kg. But, Classic 350 is the selling cruiser bike in India, weighing 195 kgs. Though Royal Enfield bikes are heavy but they offer great comfort and excellent handling and riding experience.

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