What To Do After Riding Motorcycle In Rain? – (Ultimate Guide)

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Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be a challenging yet thrilling experience. However, once you’ve safely completed your wet ride, you must clean your motorcycle and lubricate the chain to prevent corrosion.

In this guide, I’ll share some quick and easy tips to follow after riding your motorcycle in the rain. So, what to do after riding a motorcycle in the rain?

You should wash the motorcycle with soap and water and thoroughly clean the mudguards. After washing your motorcycle, lubricate the chain and sprockets to prevent them from rusting. Also, apply high-quality motorcycle wax polish to protect the paints.

What To Do After Coming From A Rainy Ride?

Motorcycle Rainy Ride

It’s totally fine to ride a motorcycle in the rain, but you have to take care of it after coming from a rainy ride. Otherwise, the paint gloss will fade, and metal parts will rust.

So, I have prepared a checklist you should follow after every rainy ride. This will prevent rusting and keep your motorcycle paint safe.

1. Wash Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Washing

Let the engine cool, and wash your motorcycle with fresh water. Remove all the mud and dust from your motorcycle body. Otherwise, mud will oxidate the paint, and metal parts will rust. You can use soap and water for better results.

2. Wipe With Cloth

Motorcycle Wiping

After washing your motorcycle thoroughly, wait 20 to 30 minutes to evaporate water, then wipe all parts with a microfiber cloth. This will clean all invisible dust particles from the metal and plastic parts.

3. Apply Motorcycle Wax

Motorcycle Wax Polish

The pH value of rainwater is lower, which makes it a little acidic. The acidic rainwater isn’t safe for paint. That’s why the paint shine on the fuel tank looks fed up after a rainy ride.

To restore the paint’s shine and prevent it from damage, apply good-quality motorcycle wax all over the painted metal and plastic parts. Although applying paint wax after every rainy ride is unnecessary, apply it when the paint shine goes due to long exposure.

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4. Clean Instrument Cluster

Motorcycle Instrument Cluster Fogging

I don’t know which motorcycle you own, but water goes inside the instrument clusters of some motorcycles.

After a long rainy ride, I have seen the water vapor inside the speedometer of my Royal Enfiled Classic 350.

So, I would advise you to wipe the instrument cluster of your motorcycle with a microfiber cloth.

Otherwise, this water vapor will make the speedometer reading invisible and damage your motorcycle’s electronics.

5. Lubricate Your Chain

Chain Lubrication

Your motorcycle chain will face the biggest impact of rainwater. The chain rollers always wear due to continuous rubbing with sprocket teeth. The chain lubricant minimizes the wear rate of chain rollers and sprockets.

So, after coming from every rainy ride, clean the chain with WD-40 or chain cleaning spray and lubricate it to prevent rusting.

I use the Motul Chain maintenance kit because it protects against wear and rust. You can also purchase it from Amazon or any local shop.

Will My Motorcycle Rust In The Rain?

Motorcycles are resistant to water and won’t damage due to minor exposure to rain. However, longer exposure to rain will fade the paint shine, and metal parts will catch rust.

The chain and sprockets are highly vulnerable to rainwater. But, proper chain lubrication and maintenance will not cause any damage to your motorcycle.

What Happens If I Don’t Wash Motorcycle After Rainy Ride?

The pH value of rainwater is low, which makes it acidic. The acidic rainwater will fade the shine and paint gloss.

Also, longer exposure to mud and dust will corrode the metal parts. That’s why you should wash your motorcycle after every rainy ride.

Should I Dry My Motorbike After The Rain?

There is no harm in drying your motorcycle after the rain. However, ensure no dust or mud is sticking around the metal parts.

Otherwise, this will corrode the metal parts. Keeping your motorcycle chain and other moving parts well-lubricated is important to prevent rusting.

Do Motorcycles Get Damaged In The Rain?

A little rain won’t damage your bike, as motorcycles are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Water damage to a motorcycle can happen due to prolonged exposure to rain and humidity, which causes corrosion, most notably rust.


A motorcycle can withstand rainwater. However, washing all the parts with soap and water is important to prevent rusting. Also, keep your chain and sprocket well-lubricated because these parts are highly prone to corrosion.

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