Is Your Motorcycle Brake Squeaking? – 5 Quick Fixes by Mechanic

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In this guide, we’ll understand why a motorcycle squeaks while stopping at light signals, what causes squeaky noise, the danger of squeaking motorcycle brakes, and some of the easiest methods to fix it.

If your motorcycle’s front or brake is squeaking when stopping the bike, this guide is for you. I have explained the step-by-step methods to fix this problem.

Motorcycle Front Brake Squeaking

Why Is My Motorcycle Brake Squeaking?

So, why does a motorcycle make a squeaking noise? A motorcycle squeaks when the front or rear brake pads are worn, a greasy layer of dust and oil is formed, the calipers are dry and not lubricated, the brake disc (wheel) is greasy and slippery, or the nuts are loosened due to vibrations.

If you pull the front brake lever, the brake pads stick to the disc (attached to the wheel) and try to decelerate the motorcycle.

The brake pads apply frictional force to stop it, but a high amount of inertia force tries to move the motorcycle forward direction. During this, excessive heat is generated between the wheel and brake pads.

Over time, a greasy layer of dust sticks to the brake pads, leading to slippage. Due to this, a squeaking noise is generated, like someone scratching the chalkboard with nails.

Nobody wants to hear that annoying sound. Above that, it shows worn brake pads, which may lead to road accidents during high-speed rides.

So, never ignore if your motorcycle brake is squeaking. Generally, the problem goes by changing the brake pads, but sometimes the issue also occurs with new brake pads.

If you’ve recently changed the brake pads but are still making a squeaking noise, follow the solution below.

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How To Fix A Squeaking Motorcycle Brake?

There is nothing more annoying than squealing brakes. It annoys not only you but also others who roam on the street.

Here are five methods to deal with a squeaking motorcycle brake-

1. Tighten Brake Bolts

Motorcycle Brake Disc Tightening

I cleaned the brake piston a few months ago and replaced the brake pads. Unfortunately, I forgot to tighten the brake bolts attached to the fork fully.

Initially, I didn’t face any problems, but after a few days, it started making a squeaking noise.

So, I inspected and found that one screw (bolt) that holds the whole brake caliper assembly on the front fork is loosened.

I tightened that bolt, and the squeaking noise issue was resolved. I faced this recently, so I shared this with you.

You should also regularly check and tighten your fork screws (bolt) and disc bolts. A loose brake screw may be dangerous.

2. Replace Brake Pads

Motorcycle Worn Brake Pad

The brake pads are built with metal, adhesive, and friction material. The friction material comes in direct contact with the disc.

Over time, the friction material wears due to regular braking. Worn friction material makes direct contact with metal and makes a squeaking sound.

You must replace your motorcycle’s rear brake pads between 15,000 to 20,000 miles and front brake pads under 10,000 miles.

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A question may arise: Why do rear brake pads last longer than front brake pads? So, the answer is riders frequently use the front brake to stop the motorcycle.

If you don’t remember when you replaced the brake pads last time, inspect them visually and ensure there are no more than 2-3 gaps between them.

Replacing front and rear brake pads costs approximately $100 to $150. You save the mechanic fee by replacing it yourself.

It’s an extremely easy process; all you need to do is remove the caliper pin, remove the old brake pads, push the piston, and install the new one.

You can watch videos on YouTube to learn how to replace a motorcycle brake pad.

Video Credit: RevZilla YouTube Channel

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3. Clean Brake Pads And Disc

Worn Brake Pad

If your brake pads still have enough friction material, then squeaking is probably caused by the formation of a sticky layer on the pads and disc.

A huge amount of heat is generated when a brake is applied. Any dust or debris fuses and fills the pores of friction material.

This layer is slippery. When you pull the brake lever at high speed, this layer slips and creates an annoying squealing sound.

To fix this, remove the caliper pins, pull out the brake pads, and rub all brake pads on 500 or 600-grade sandpaper individually.

After cleaning your brake pads, carefully rub the disc to clean that slippery layer. Now, assemble and attach everything back and check if the problem is resolved.

If not, move on to our next solution…

4. Lubricate Brake Calliper

Motorcycle Brake Assembly

The caliper slides when you pull the brake lever. Over time, dust and debris prevent the caliper movement.

This could be the reason why your motorcycle brake is squeaking. To fix this, you should regularly clean and lubricate the brake calipers.

5. Grease Brake Pistons

Motorcycle Brake Piston Clean

I’m assuming that you know how hydraulic disc brakes work. A small-diameter piston in the master cylinder pushes the brake fluid, and a larger piston applies a huge force on the brake pads.

Tip– You should read Pascal’s law to understand the fluid mechanics of hydraulic brakes.

Over time, dust and moisture corrode the piston, which prevents the piston movement and makes the braking hard. Due to this, your motorcycle brake generates a squeaking sound.

To fix this, thoroughly clean the brake pistons and apply silicon-based grease or brake lube.

So, these are the five easiest methods to fix the squeaking sound from the motorcycle brake.

If you’ve followed everything, but your motorcycle is still squeaking, it means other parts like suspension and wheel bearings are faulty.

What Are The Dangers of Squeaking Motorcycles?

I’m sure you understand the importance of a braking system on a vehicle. If your motorcycle is squeaking when stopping, it’s the first sign of brake pad wear.

A worn pad may lead to brake failure, putting you and others in danger. But it’s quite common after coming from a rainy ride.

So, investigate the reason for the squeaking sound on any two-wheelers and try to resolve that immediately.

Is It Common For A Motorcycle To Squeak?

No, squeaking is not common on new motorcycles. But, if you have a pre-owned motorcycle, you must investigate why.

Squeaking is mostly caused by worn brake pads, defective suspension and bearings, loose bolts and screws, etc.

So, investigate the reasons and fix them ASAP because it’s annoying and dangerous.


In the rainy season, it’s common for a motorcycle to squeak because a slippery layer is formed between brake pads, making a squeaking noise when you pull the brake lever. But you must clean the dust layer or replace the pads if they are worn.

I hope this guide has fixed your problem. If not, please elaborate on the issue you’re facing. Write them in the comment box, and I’ll try to provide you with the best possible solution.

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