Can A Cop Chase A Motorcycle? – (Detailed Guide)

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If you’re a motorcycle rider, it’s better to be aware of the pursuit laws of your state. If you didn’t commit a horrendous crime, you should not run away from cops.

If you follow all the traffic rules and regulations, you don’t need to run from cops. But riders run away from the police when they don’t have a valid motorcycle driving license or break traffic rules, and cops usually ignore them.

But can a cop chase a motorcycle? Generally, cops don’t chase a motorcycle until the motorcyclist is suspected of a serious crime. However, police can chase a motorcycle under certain rules and guidelines in some states of the USA.

However, there are many states that do not have a chase law. For example, Alabama is a state where people can ride motorcycles without a license. Similarly, California is another state with no chase law for motorcycles.

Cop Vehicle

Why Do Police Not Chase Motorcycles?

You must have seen the motorcyclist run away from cops when they breached traffic regulations, and the police didn’t chase them.

It’s not advisable to break any traffic rules, and never run away from cops if you unknowingly breach any. If a cop catches you, explain your situation politely and pay the fine.

Although cops are permitted to chase motorcycles if the rider is suspected of serious crime, they must follow certain two-wheeler pursuit guidelines. But, some states like California and Alabama have strict no-chase laws for motorcyclists.

Generally, police don’t chase motorcycles because of the risk of accidents for riders and chasers. Also, it’s hard to justify if the motorcyclist is injured or died during the chase. That’s why police often decide not to pursue them.

What Happens If You Run From The Cops On A Motorcycle?

It’s not a good idea to run from cops on a motorcycle because this is an illegal and dangerous act. Whenever police stop you, don’t try to run away because attempting to evade the police is a felony offense.

Rather, stop your motorcycle aside and remain calm. Answer all the questions politely and follow the officer’s instructions.

If you didn’t commit a serious crime, the police would let you go for a minor fine. But, if police catch you when you’re trying to evade, they can arrest you, seize your vehicle, cancel your driving license, and fine you heavily.

Also, fleeing from cops on a motorcycle is dangerous because it affects your mental stability and increases the risk of accidents, which could damage your motorcycle and you.

States With No Chase Law For Motorcycles

It’s not illegal for cops to chase motorcycles if the rider is suspected of a serious crime. However, the no-chase law for motorcycles is a preventive measure to avoid the risk of accidents and the loss of life for an officer and motorcyclist.

Many federal states of the United States of America, like Alabama, California, Texas, Florida, etc., have no chase policy for motorcycles if the suspect didn’t commit a life-threatening crime. However, police are not prohibited from chasing a criminal trying to escape on motorcycles.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles In Florida?

According to Florida Highway Patrol Policy – “Motorcycle officers will not participate in pursuits due to the extreme hazards to the officers.” However, the police can chase a motorcycle if the rider is suspected of an offensive crime.

Can A Cop Chase Motorcycles In California?

Although California is a motorcycle-friendly state where cops don’t chase motorcyclists for breaking minor traffic rules.

However, they can pursue it if the rider is suspected of a serious crime. But, certain regulations and guidelines must be followed by police while chasing a criminal on a motorcycle.

A risk is always involved in the life of the chasing officer and the motorcyclist. So, police can not knock or hit the rider of a motorcycle during a pursuit because death risk is involved in it.

Can A Cop Chase Motorcycles In Texas

According to Texas IACP Law Enforcement Policy, cops are only permitted to chase someone if they think that person is dangerous, suspect that person is engaging in criminal activity, or is trying to flee on a motorcycle.

Police are not permitted to chase motorcyclists for minor offenses because of the risk of death involving the officer and suspect in pursuit.

Can Police Chase Motorcycles Without Helmets?

Some states, like California, Texas, and Alabama, have no pursuit law for a motorcycle if the rider is not a suspect of criminal activities involving risk to someone’s life. In Alabama, you can ride a motorcycle without a driving license.

So, it depends upon the vehicle pursuit law of your state. In some states, cops can chase motorcycles without helmets but usually avoid them.

Note: Don’t drive a motorcycle without a helmet because it increases the risk of significant head injury in an accident.

Can Cops Hit Motorcycles?

In many states of the USA, cops are not permitted to hit a motorcycle during pursuit because it involves the risk of death for a motorcyclist and the officer. Moreover, some states like Alabama and California have strict laws against this act.

Is It Possible To Outrun The Cops On A Motorcycle?

It is generally not a good idea to outrun the police on a motorcycle. It is illegal to flee from the police, and it is also extremely dangerous. A supersport bike with 1000cc can surely outrun the cops, but it would be difficult to do so with a 300cc cruiser bike. So, the answer depends upon what you are riding.

Can A 600RR Motorcycle Outrun A Cop?

If the cop is chasing you in a car, a 600RR motorcycle can definitely outrun that. However, it depends more on how experienced you are at motorcycle riding. Honda CBR 600RR can run at 165 MPH, while the top speed of police cars in America averages around 150 to 155 MPH.


In many states of the USA, police are permitted to chase a criminal trying to escape on a motorcycle. However, some state has no chase policy for motorcycles because the risk of death involves the suspect and the chasing officer.


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