About Rashmika Sharma – Author Bio

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Rashmika Sharma

Hi, I’m Rashmika, aka JettyBiker. I love riding motorcycles and exploring hilly areas on my two wheels. I have completed over 60,000 Kilometers in the last two years. Here, I will share my motorcycle riding journey with motorcycleninja.com readers.

About Rashmika Sharma

Rashmika Sharma is a software engineer by education, but her true passions lie in riding motorcycles and writing. When she’s not coding or exploring new places on two wheels, she’s blogging about her experiences on some of the top automotive blogs.

Her work has been featured in a number of well-respected publications, including Motorcyclist and Bike World. Currently, Rashmika is sharing her knowledge and love for motorcycles as a writer for motorcycleninja.com. Her unique perspective on the intersection of technology and two-wheeled transportation has made her a sought-after voice in the industry.

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/rashmika-sharma/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/JettyBiker